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Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews, 6 February 2018. On my writing.

Happily Ever After Romance Book Reviews, 28 December 2017. On my writing.

J. Scott Coatsworth, 22 May 2016. On LGBTQ speculative fiction.

Tami Veldura, May 2016. On historical novels.

MM Book Escape, May 2016. On m/m romance.

The Forecaster (Maine), 25 June 2013. (Quoted near the end of the article.) On the author John Preston.

Hearts on Fire Reviews, 8 April 2013. On m/m romance.

A. B. Gayle, 16 January 2013. On m/m romance.

The Leather Times (Leather Archives & Museum), 2009. Issue 2, page 18. (Note: The issue includes adult material.) On leather history.

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