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Authors I like


M. Chandler. Crime fiction. Includes m/m love. My favorite: Shadow of the Templar series. (Fanlore entry for Shadow of the Templar.)

Manna Francis (also here). Science fiction. Includes m/m love. My favorite: The Administration series.

Diana Gabaldon. Time travel and historical adventure. Includes f/m love and m/m love. My favorite: both her series, Outlander and Lord John. (Fanlore entry for Outlander.)

Guy Gavriel Kay. Historical fantasy. Includes f/m love and male romantic friendship. My favorite: Tigana.

Alistair MacLean. War fiction and thrillers. Includes f/m love. My favorite: H.M.S. Ulysses.

Susan R. Matthews. Science fiction Includes male romantic friendship. My favorite: Under Jurisdiction series. (Fanlore entry for Susan R. Matthews.)

Naomi Novik. Fantasy and historical fantasy. Includes f/m love. My favorite: Temeraire series. (Fanlore entry for Temeraire.)

Lucius Parhelion (also here). Historical fiction and historical fantasy. Includes m/m love and f/f love . My favorite: Hurrah for Hollywood series.

Mary Renault. Historical fiction. Includes m/m love. My favorites: The Last of the Wine and The Persian Boy. (Fanlore entry for Mary Renault.)

Rolf and Ranger. Western (contemporary), adventure, historical fiction, romance, and paranormal fiction. And that's all in one series: Falls Chance Ranch. Includes m/m love.

Dorothy L. Sayers. Mysteries and historical drama. Includes f/m love. My favorite: Gaudy Night. (Fanlore entry for Dorothy L. Sayers.)

Mary Stewart. Historical fantasy and romantic suspense. Includes f/m love. My favorites: Merlin trilogy (historical fantasy) and Touch Not the Cat (romantic suspense with a touch of historical fiction).


John Christopher. Science fiction. My favorite: Sword of the Spirits trilogy.

Susan Cooper. Fantasy. My favorite: The Dark is Rising series. (Fanlore entry for The Dark is Rising.)

Sylvia Engdahl. Science fiction. Includes f/m love. My favorite: Children of the Star trilogy.

Robert A. Heinlein. Science fiction. Includes f/m love. My favorite: Have Space SuitWill Travel.

Norma Johnston. Historical fiction (American settings), romantic suspense, and contemporary realistic fiction. Includes f/m love. My favorite: The Keeping Days series.

Ursula K. Le Guin. Fantasy. Includes f/m love. My favorite: Earthsea series. (Fanlore entry for Ursula K. Le Guin.)

Patricia A. McKillip. Fantasy. Includes f/m love. My favorite: Riddle-Master trilogy.

Rosemary Sutcliff. Historical fiction, mainly set in Britain during the Roman era. Includes f/m love and male romantic friendship. My favorite: The Eagle of the Ninth series. (Fanlore entry for Rosemary Sutcliff.)

Megan Whalen Turner. Historical fantasy with a setting similar to the eastern Mediterranean. Includes f/m love and male romantic friendship. My favorite: Queen's Thief series.

Philip Turner. Adventure novels set in England during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. My favorite: Darnley Mills series.

Robb White: Twentieth-century adventure fiction, especially World War II naval novels. (Mr. White served in the United States Navy during World War II.) My favorite: Silent Ship, Silent Sea.


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