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The life of a young (and now old) writer, as told through journals, correspondence, stories, poetry, news articles, art, memorabilia, and current commentary.

A Documentary Memoir is an ongoing collection of writings and other creative works that take the reader back in time to the  1970s, working its way up to the modern era.

Updated August 2023.

A Documentary Memoir: Early Creative Works


INTRODUCTION AND GUIDE TO THE SERIES (on a separate page of this website).




Storyteller at 16: Journals and Fiction, 1979–1980. Highlights of this year:

This volume is currently serializing on my Patreon account. It is available to all tiers. Read excerpts.

Patreon, all tiers

Pro-Gay and Ex-Gay Christians – Is There Room for Dialogue? Narratives and News on Christianity and Homosexuality during the 1990s. Narrative news and other articles from my period as an interfaith news reporter.


Fan Fiction Fan. My 2002 correspondence during the first few months after I discovered fan fiction and began releasing my own original fiction.


Individual documents


. From elementary school to early high school.
1980s. From my final years of high school to my college and post-college years.
1990s. From my first professional work to my first novels.
2000s. From becoming a web fiction writer to becoming an indie author.
2010s. The story continues.

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