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    June 1, 1997

    Hindus Protest Aerosmith CD

    Due to Hindu protests, Sony Music & Entertainment has promised to withdraw from sale a compact disc which features an altered picture of Krishna. The cover of the CD Nine Lives by the rock group Aerosmith shows the Hindu god with a cat's head and a woman's breasts and blouse. The American Hindu Anti-Defamation Coalition (AHADC) described the cover as being "akin to depicting Lord Jesus Christ on a cross with the head of a cat, breasts, and a woman's blouse." According to the AHADC, over 1,400 people from around the world signed protest letters at a World Wide Web site set up by the coalition.

    Sony said on April 16 that it would stop manufacturing the CD until a new cover could be created, and that it would try to recall the offending CDS from the market. Aerosmith also issued an apology for the "unintended" offense.

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