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    June 1, 1997

    Mowatt's Pastor and Mishkan Torah's Rabbi Attract Press Attention

    A Greenbelt clergyman and his baby proved to be an irresistible combination for press photographers covering a May 7 protest rally at Lafayette Square in D.C. The Rev. Dr. Whit Hutchison of Mowatt Memorial United Methodist Church was twice photographed holding his son, Gabriel Swanson-Hutchison. One picture was published in the Metro section of May 8's Washington Post; the other picture made the cover of the May issue of Washington Hispanic. Rev. Hutchison attended the rally to help urge the U.S. government to restore benefits to immigrants that were cut through last year's welfare reform bill.

    Mishkan Torah also made the news this spring. The synagogue was featured in an April 25 article in The Prince George's Journal that described county Passover celebrations. Rabbi Saul Grife was photographed holding a Seder plate and cup.

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