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    August 23, 1997

    Catholic Group Plans to Be Watchdog to Liturgical Reform

    A Catholic organization which believes that the Catholic Church has gone too far with liturgical change plans to be on the watch for "liturgical abuses" by priests or parishes, according to National Catholic Reporter. Adoremus, based in Arlington, Virginia, believes that the reforms advocated by the Catholic Church's Second Vatican Council have not been properly carried out, and it advocates a more conservative reform movement. In an April 25 letter, the group announced that it would report to church authorities any priests or parishes who were departing from the church's present rules concerning worship.

    Gabe Huck, director of Liturgy Training Publications, told National Catholic Reporter that liturgical problems exist in Catholic churches, but that conservatives are offering the wrong solution. "When people say liturgy in some parishes is ‘shallow,' I say they're absolutely right," he remarked. "But we're not going to fix it with Latin hymns."

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