Greenbelt Interfaith News

    August 23, 1997

    Baccalaureate Services at Roosevelt High School

    This letter was sent in response to a request from Greenbelt Interfaith News for information on Roosevelt's baccalaureate service arrangements; the letter arrived after the article had been posted.

    Baccalaureate is a private ceremony sponsored by the Greenbelt Clergy. As part of our public information arrangements with our seniors and as a community based service to the clergy we hand out the notification notices only to students who wish to take them on the whereabouts of the service. The clergy prepares the notice and makes all arrangements for the service. The senior class officers in the past and I believe this group decided to pass this notification out to their classmates. All notices are handled between the students and the clergy and the students actually pass out the notices.

    Dr. Gerald Boarman
    Chief Educational Administrator
    Eleanor Roosevelt High School
    Greenbelt, Maryland

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