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    September 25, 1997

    Children's Books
    Jewish Author Compiles List of Children's Literature Conferences for Sabbath Observers
    Greenbelt Interfaith News

    A Baltimore writer found herself in a quandary facing many Sabbath-observing Jews: she wanted to attend children's literature conferences, but found that many of them occur on Saturday. She began compiling a list of non-Saturday conferences, and after a while she realized that others might be interested in the list. As a result, Anna Olswanger has made her list available to others in the children's literature world.

    Ms. Olswanger, who teaches writing workshops at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Training and Education, has written several stories based on her family's Jewish heritage. Recently, she won a Maryland-based short story contest for her children's story, "Chicken Bone Man." The award will be presented at the Second Annual F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference at Montgomery College in Rockville on September 27.


    Anna Olswanger's conference list is available by writing to

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