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    September 30, 1997

    Adventists Study Divorce and Re-marriage
    By Jonathan Gallagher
    Adventist News Network

    Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders met in Hoddesdon, England, September 14-16, to discuss the various issues raised by divorce and re-marriage in a Christian context. Under the chairmanship of Matthew Bediako, the Commission is charged with examining matters relating to marriage breakup and subsequent re-marriage as it affects the Adventist Church worldwide. "At this meeting the Commission began the work of gathering materials that bear on the issues to be considered. The members reviewed our denominational history on the subject of divorce and re-marriage, giving particular attention to official statements by the church," said Bediako. Special presentations to the Commission featured attitudes and practices toward divorce and re-marriage among Adventists around the world, together with research and clinical indications of the impact of divorce on the lives of individuals and families.

    The 20-member Commission, set up by the Administrative Committee of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, is made up of representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and geographical areas. The Commission's terms of reference include a review of biblical principles; the incidence, nature and effects of marital breakup; and how the church can minister more appropriately to those experiencing divorce and re-marriage. Three additional meetings are scheduled; the next will be held at Montemorelos, Mexico, in January 25-29, 1998.

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