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    November 1997

    Disciples' Racially Ethnic Church Leaders Advise Fund-Raising Changes
    Disciples News Service

    Fund-raising models need to be designed to fit the various cultures of Disciples ethnic and European-American congregations if capital campaigns are to become more effective, a conference of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) leaders concluded recently.

    Suggestions made by conference participants called for the Board of Church Extension to look more closely at developing fund-raising resources that place even more emphasis upon stewardship, prayer and spirituality. They suggested that in many churches, especially racially ethnic congregations, the pastor tends to be more prominent in any fund-raising leadership role.

    BCE staff also was told that in many congregations fewer special committees may be necessary since church leaders already are looked upon as the stewards and leaders. Consequently, these persons would be expected to lead the fund-raising efforts.

    "One message from this conference for BCE will be to find new ways to help congregations grow beyond their current expectations in giving, while not overloading them with additional structures and limited approaches that don't fit their culture," noted the Rev. Eugene Randall, II, Church Extension consultant and meeting organizer.

    "Clearly, future planning and preparation of fund-raising material by BCE will be impacted by the helpful observations shared by these Disciples leaders," Randall observed.

    Ten American Asian, Hispanic and African American representatives from seven regions and two general units were joined by five staff members of the Board of Church Extension. BCE initially called the racially ethnic leaders together to discuss the general unit's fund-raising services with the desire to make them more effective for all congregations.

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