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    December 1997

    Pagans in the Military

    I just wrote to inform you of unintentional misinformation in your article "A Merry Meet in D.C.: America's Pagans Gather in the Nation's Capital."

    In the article you stated, "His religion and his work are intimately connected: Mr. Holm hopes some day to become the U.S. army's first Pagan chaplain. Several Wiccan chaplains already exist, but Mr. Holm is not a Wiccan."

    At this time, there are no Chaplains of any Neopagan religion. The only faiths represented are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist. We would be the first to celebrate a Neopagan Chaplain, but unfortunately cannot do so at this time.

    John Machate
    Military Pagan Network Inc.
    Ellicott City, Maryland

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    Washington Feature: A Merry Meet in D.C.: America's Pagans Gather in the Nation's Capital. By Heather Elizabeth Peterson. Photographs by John Wallin. One month after Promise Keepers assembled on the Mall, Pagans from around the nation meet in Washington as a symbol of their freedom to worship.

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