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    December 1997

    Links to the Outside World
    Greenbelt Interfaith News

    Starting with this issue, we will provide links to outside sites for many of our articles. In addition to saving time and money, this new system will allow us to link Greenbelt Interfaith News to sources whose articles we are not permitted to republish. Although several of the best copyrighted sites have been generous in allowing us to republish their material, others have not granted us this permission. In order to give our readers access to some of the best religion newswriting on the Web, we have decided to take advantage of the Web's unique ability to link documents.

    The disadvantage of this system will be obvious to anyone who has encountered the phrase, "This page does not exist." Because we have no control over outside sites, these sites may remove their articles whenever they wish. We will try to link only to sites that have permanent archives – as permanent, that is, as can be hoped for in the transient world of the Web. Nonetheless, we apologize in advance for any dead links that readers may encounter while browsing through our archives.

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