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    February 1998

    Maes Howe – 300 Years Older Than We'd Thought
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    Victor Reijs, the archaeoastronomer in charge of the 1997 broadcast of the Maes Howe solstice, has gently called our attention to two errors in the article about that broadcast. The burial chamber was built around 2800 B.C. rather than around 2500 B.C., and the broadcast's photographer, Charles Tait, comes from Orkney rather than Scotland. "As you know," says Mr. Reijs with an electronic wink, "there is a difference between the UK, Scotland and Orkney." We didn't, but we're not likely to forget now. [Editor]

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    World: Winter Solstice at Scottish Megalith Receives Web Broadcast. By Heather Elizabeth Peterson. One of the world's most ancient religious rituals was recreated on the World Wide Web in December when a Dutch archaeoastronomer broadcast the solstice sunset at the Maes Howe burial chamber in Orkney, Scotland.

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