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    Editor's Note

    March 1998

    Greenbelt Goes Quarterly
    Greenbelt Interfaith News

    Our regular readers will have noticed that, even by our usual sluggish standards, this month's issue has been posted especially late. This is because we have been reassessing the publication schedule of Greenbelt Interfaith News.

    Although we have the resources to publish on a monthly basis, we do not have the manpower. (Translation: The editor does most of the work, and she has not been able to work on any other writing projects for the past year.) Moreover, while a quarterly newsmagazine sounds like a contradiction in terms, it actually makes a certain amount of sense for an interfaith magazine. Leaving Christianity and Judaism aside, most faiths in the English-speaking world produce a small amount of news which is better presented on a quarterly basis than on a monthly basis.

    When Greenbelt Interfaith News returns at the beginning of June, the Christian portion of the magazine will be slimmed down – but by no means eliminated – in order to give a greater portion of the space to news of other faiths. We will run fewer minor articles and more articles on major news. Greenbelt Anglican News will continue in its present format, and will, we hope, continue to be useful to readers who wish to catch up on the events that have taken place in the Anglican world since our previous issue.

    We hope that you will return to our magazine at the beginning of June – and if our issue is late then, well, we have no excuse.

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