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    December 1998

    Narrowing Our Focus

    From the beginning, this magazine has not only been interfaith but also multifaith: that is, we have tried to cover the major events taking place in all of the world faiths. As the Web has grown, however, the amount of religion news has increased, and our editorial staff (all one of us) no longer find it possible to hunt down articles on the dozen faiths we have been covering.

    Because of that, we have felt the need to narrow our focus. We will continue to cover interfaith news but will no longer attempt to cover all major news from specific world faiths. Instead, we will focus our coverage on the indigenous religions of the world and on Pagan faiths. Our magazine will still cover other faiths – this issue carries Christian and Hindu news – but our coverage of other faiths will no longer be comprehensive.

    An unfortunate byproduct of this decision is we will be discontinuing Greenbelt Anglican News. We hope that non-indigenous and non-Pagan readers will continue to find our magazine to be of interest, and we highly recommend to them Michel's Religion News Page (linked below), which offers links to far more religion news than we have ever been able to collect.

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