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* Are you getting rid of your magazines?

* Do you want to hold onto your magazines?

* Would you like to have your magazine collection indexed?

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Are you looking for a particular article, story, or picture?

Leather TOCs is an online project to list and summarize the contents of gay, lesbian, and pansexual leather magazines and newsletters. Both printed publications and electronic publications are indexed. Some of the magazines that have been indexed (in full or in part) are Drummer, Metropolitan slave, Brat Attack, and Leather Times (newsletter of the Leather Archives & Museum).

Want to know what Texas leather bars were like in 1980? Trying to find an article on the Catacombs, uniforms, bondage, or leatherdykes in jail? Looking for pictures by an obscure leather photographer? By searching on keywords at the site, visitors can learn which issues of magazines carry pieces by authors or artists they are tracking down, or which issues have articles and stories on particular topics.

Are you getting rid of your magazines?

To help the project, you can donate magazines or newsletters to be indexed.

Do you want to hold onto your magazines?

Who can blame you? Electronic versions of magazines are welcome as well, as are any other formats. The editor is not at all fussy about what form the magazines take and has been known to pore through blurry photocopies.

Would you like to have your magazine collection indexed?

If you live in the D.C./Baltimore area, you can ask that the editor of Leather TOCs index all or part of your magazine collection. That way, you can easily find articles in the magazines and newsletters you own. There's no fee for this service; it's simply a way for the editor to have a chance to index more magazines.

Which magazines are wanted?

The easy answer is: Ask. If you own some leather magazines, write and ask whether the editor is interested in indexing them.

Currently, the editor is in special need of the following magazine issues:

Drummer: #1-10, 12-13, 15-19, 174-76, 178-79, 186, 191, 193-94, 196-98, 201-5, 207-8, 210, 212-14.

Drummer special publications: All except Drummer Daddies #2.

DungeonMaster: #7.

Mach: #1, 22, 31-32, 34-36, 38, all issues after 41.

Manifest Reader: All issues except #2.

Folks who have already helped

The editor would like to thank the following organizations that have donated magazines and newsletters to this site:

Leather Archives & Museum (Chicago). This is another good place to donate your leather belongings.

The Rochester Rams, M.C. (New York).

About the editor

Dusk Peterson's writings have appeared in have appeared in such publications as Jack Rinella's LeatherViews column for Gay Chicago Magazine and Andrew Callimach's Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths (Haiduk, 2002). Peterson is also the editor of a number of GLBT and leather Websites, including the following:

The Leather Research Reference Shelf.

Topman: Online Writings by and About John Preston.

True Tales: Gay Leather News, Narratives and Fiction.

Contact the editor

If you would like to help with this project or have any remaining questions, please contact Dusk Peterson.
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