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History-inspired mythic fantasy. Alternate history. Retrofuture science fiction. Love.

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Feel free to follow me at any of my social network accounts.

Blog at Dreamwidth. Announces my fiction. I sometimes post entries about my life as a writer on the same day. You can receive the blog entries by e-mail, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed and Atom feed.

Archive of Our Own. Where I post my fiction.

Patreon. Where readers can support my work with monthly donations.

Goodreads. Links to my blog entries, book reviews, and a peek at what I read. (Hint: A lot of children's books.)

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The e-mail list mirrors the contents of my blog, where I announce my fiction. I sometimes post entries about my life as a writer on the same day. Multiple posts on the same day are sent as a single e-mail digest. You can unsubscribe to the e-mail list at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the end of any of the e-mails.

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