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Preston noted in "Preston on Publishing: The Cost of Celebrity" that one of his editors had declared that his author photos "make me look 'too severe.' I am now only allowed to pose with one of my cats; feline companionship apparently brings out the humane in me."

Lake Forest College photos (click on photos for larger versions):

John Preston (1945-1994), Class of 1968, in a summer 1964 group photograph at Miles College, Birmingham, Alabama.

Close-up of John Preston from the above photograph.

John Leslie Preston (1945-1994), Lake Forest College Class of 1968, The Forester 1968 (yearbook) photograph.

At a Chicago Hellfire Club gathering (1970s). [Topman]

Behind a fence (1990). From Rich Grzesiak's interview.

With his cat (c. 1991).

On the front cover of Hustling. One of several promotional pictures, for various books, that pair him with erotically posed men.

On the back cover of Looking for Mr. Preston. By Miriam Berkley.

On the back cover of My Life as a Pornographer. By Brian Lynch. A stylized artistic rendition based on a photograph.

On the inside flap of Sister and Brother. By Michael Rowe. Preston poses with co-editor Joan Nestle at the OutWrite gay and lesbian writers' conference in Boston, October 1993. The circumstances under which this photo was taken are described in Michael Rowe's essay on John Preston, "Walking With the Ghost of John Preston".

On the front cover of Winter's Light. By James R. Salomon. Preston appears with his dog.


Stompers, New York City. By A. J. Epstein. (Site entrance page.) In 1978, Preston's first story for Drummer was about this combined boot shop and gay art gallery. In addition, Brick's illustrations for Mr. Benson were exhibited here.


The covers of the American and foreign editions Preston's books can be viewed in the Cover Gallery.


John Preston's signatures (1972 and 1975).

Mr. Benson is Advertised . . . Again and Again (1980 and 1983). Early advertisements for Preston's first novel that illustrate the book's publication difficulties. (Caution: The page includes an erotic image.)


OutWrite '93: Preston on Censorship. At the Censorship panel during the October 1993 national conference in Boston for gay and lesbian writers, Preston speaks about media coverage of him in his home state of Maine. He had pneumonia at the time of this conference. (Original tape: Conference Recording Service. This excerpt: 30 seconds, 180 KB, MP3 format.)

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