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of Professionally Published Original Slash

Edited by Dusk Peterson

This page lists information related to original slash, a genre of professionally published literature and art featuring male/male and female/female attraction. New releases, reviews, and market reports on this genre are available through the home page of this site.

What is original slash?

For a lengthy list of online fiction (mainly amateur), see Lada Hitam's Master List of Original Slash.

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Adams, Nene (female/female fiction).
Bailey, Alison (male/male comics and art; edits male/male and female/female fiction).
Bruce, Camilla (male/male fiction).
Busse, Kristina (nonfiction related to original slash).
Day, R. W. (male/male fiction).
Hajiceck, Jesse (male/male fiction and comics).
Hellekson, Karen (nonfiction related to original slash).
Jones, Jules (male/male fiction).
Lingborn, Liv (male/male art).
Lynch, Kellie (edits male/male fiction and comics).
Malarky (male/male fiction, art, and comics).
Parhelion (male/male fiction).
Powell, Kimberly (male/male fiction).
Snyder, J. M. (male/male fiction).


Bent Magazine (male/male print magazine and e-zine).
Forbidden Fruit (male/male webzine).
MAS-Zine (male/male e-anthology)
True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power (male/male e-zine).

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