What is Darkfic?

By Dusk Peterson

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"Dark fiction" has three meanings, depending on which fiction community the term is used in.

In the horror fiction community, dark fiction means horror. It is sometimes used as a synonym for "dark fantasy," a fantasy story with horror elements.

In the Goth fiction community, dark fiction can mean Gothic literature, a Victorian form of horror literature where the emphasis is on suspense rather than gore. But it can also mean any story that is dark in its tone.

In the fan fiction and original fiction communities, darkfic or dark fic is fiction in which dark events take place, such as slavery or imprisonment. The tone of the story may be dark or it may be light.


Many of the stories at this domain are dark fiction in the third sense of the term. Like a lot of fantasy stories (and some contemporary stories), they feature harrowing events such as wartime conflicts. Sometimes the atmosphere of the story is Gothic in its suspense, but invariably the stories include rays of hope. Some of the stories make use of humor; others are more serious.

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