Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers

The stories of Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers are no different from the stories at the rest of this domain, except that each story centers upon an erotic encounter. I gather that means I've crossed the line into erotica.

This isn't a how-to series, much less an ethical guide. Readers who use works of fiction as instruction manuals for their own activities may end up in even messier situations than these characters do.

If you're under the age of majority, please take due note of the fact that it's illegal for minors to read erotica in many parts of the Western world. You might want to visit this page devoted to gay books and e-zines for children and young adults.

If you're a parent, guardian, or other caretaker, you'll most likely want to look around this site to check whether it's appropriate for the person you're in charge of.

If you just want to read the stories and haven't fallen asleep yet, please


The stories in Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers are labelled "Adults Only" with the RTA Label system. (Information on the RTA Label system.)

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