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USA: The Southwest

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* Utah

General Southwestern


* DeBlase, Tony. "Leather History Timeline" (1999). Leather Archives & Museum. Includes the dates when Southwestern leather clubs were formed. [G]

* The History of Gay Bathhouses. Includes information on Los Angeles and San Francisco bathhouses that attracted leathermen. [G]

Ridinger, Rob. "We Were Family: Regional and International Leather/Levi Clubs and Conferences" (PDF file). Leather Times (Fall 2003), pages 1-3. Includes one paragraph on the Council of Southern California Motorcycle Clubs (1968-1988), as well as a few references to other Southwestern clubs. Features a 1964 photograph taken at the Badger Flats Run in California.



Linde, Ron. "Leather in the Desert." Drummer 70 (1984), 80-81. Short report (and long fictionalization) on the first Mr. Arizona Leatherman contest, sponsored by Trax and Tuff Stuff Leatherware of Phoenix.



* Attias, Ben. "'Police Free Gay Slaves': Some Juridico-Legal Consequences of the Discursive Distinctions Between the Sexualities" (1995). Home Page of Dr. Bernardo Attias. Includes an analysis of the 1976 Los Angeles Police Department on a leather slave auction. [G]

* Bienvenu, Robert V., II. "The Development of Sadomasochism as a Cultural Style in the Twentieth-Century United States." Dissertation, Indiana University, 1998. American Fetish. Includes a section on the early development of gay leather in Los Angeles. [G and H, with some L]

"Oedipus History." Oedipus MC. History of the second gay motorcycle club, founded in 1958. [G]

"Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club." Satyrs MC. Information on a film about the first gay motorcycle club, founded in 1954. [G]

Rinella, Jack. "Interview with Larry Townsend." Leather Archives & Museum. Interview with the author of The Leatherman's Handbook about Los Angeles leather life in the late sixties and seventies. [G]

San Francisco. Links on the history of leather in San Francisco are listed on a separate page.



Saiser, Richard. "Men in Uniform." Drummer 79 (1984), pages 15-16. Report on the American Univorm Association's Seventh Annual Review at Mike's Bar in Denver. The review was sponsored by the Blue Knights Uniform Corp of Denver. [G]


* Baldwin, Guy. "Radsex Rising Tide Turbo Pervo." An essay on the Old Guard. Includes the author's memories of the Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club in the 1960s. See also Baldwin's letter, "Rocky Mountaineers Celebrate 35th Anniversary," in the Winter 2004 issue of Leather Times (PDF file), which includes a 1968 photograph of the club's founder, Jim Kane. [G]

Donalson, Charlie. "Traditions of GFR" (Word document). Dispatch (April 2004), page 8. An account of humorous traditions that started in the early and mid-eighties in connection with the Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club's Golden Fleece Run. [G]

Greenie. "The Colors Project: 1942." Leather Quest. Basic information on a Denver leather bar that began before 1978.

—. "The Colors Project: City Bikers Motorcycle Club." Leather Quest. History of a Denver club that began in 1983.

—. "The Colors Project: Ms. Rocky Mountain Leather Association." Leather Quest. Brief history of a Denver club formed in 1985 to promote the women's leather titleholder.

—. "The Colors Project: Triangle (the T)." Leather Quest. History of a Denver leather bar that opened in 1971.



"International Leather Scene: Cowtown Leather." Drummer 80 (1984), page 77. Two paragraphs and a photograph of the Master in Leather, awarded his title at the annual run of the Cowtown Leathermen of Fort Worth and Dallas. [G]


Greenie. "The Colors Project: Texas Riders." Leather Quest. Basic information on a motorcycle club that started in 1968.



"Report: Wasatch Leathermen." Drummer 85 (1985), page 19. Two paragraphs on the club and its Falcon Flight mountain run.


Burt, Brandon. "Deerhunter Provided Cherished Memories." Salt Lake Metro (October 2004). Memories of the Deerhunter Club, a bar that opened in 1980. It attracted a leather/levi crowd and was the home bar for the Wasatch Leathermen Motorcycle Club.

Greenie. "The Colors Project: Wasatch Leathermen Motorcycle Club." Leather Quest. Early history of a Salt Lake City motorcycle club that began in 1984.

Ronnie N. "A Brief History of the Utah Leather Community." Mainly post-1985, but with information on a gay leather club that began its runs in 1985. [G, H, L]

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