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A gay spiritual community in Los Angeles whose teachings are based on traditional Hindu Tantra. The community was founded by a leatherman, has an outreach to the leather community, and hosts a leather contest.

Ashram West.

Mr. Ashram West Contest.

Gay Tantra Group. Yahoo Groups e-mail list for Ashram West.

Review of William Schindler's Essays on Gay Tantra. A book by the founder of Ashram West that includes an account of his participation in the International Mr. Leather contest. [White Crane Journal]

Interview with William Schindler. By Jason Clark. [Temenos]


An organization for spritual-minded gay leathermen, mainly Pagans. The group is a circle within the Radical Faeries.

Black Leather Wings. Home page of the organization.

Essays and news:

Body Ritual. By Peridot. A member of Black Leather Wings describes how he joined the organization, as well as the rituals he has undergone. [Home Page]

Leather and Magic. By Anonymous [Harry Ugol]. About the origins of Black Leather Wings. [An Exploration of Dark Paganism]

The Name "Black Leather Wings". By Harry Ugol. A newsgroup post from January 5, 1990. In response to news about Mark Thompson's article in Drummer #136 about Black Leather Wings, the author describes how he created the name for the organization. []

How i Spent My Summer Vacation. By boy brent. A newsgroup post from August 29, 1994. Describes a gathering of the Black Leather Wings. [rec.arts.bodyart]

What's a Leatherfaerie? By boy brent. A newsgroup post from October 2, 1994. [rec.arts.bodyart]

See also the items on the Links page on and by Stuart Norman.


An organization for GLBT Catholic leatherfolk. Membership requirements differ by chapter. The group is an affiliate of Dignity.

Defenders USA. Yahoo Groups e-mail list: DefendersOfDignity.


Boston Defenders LLC. Yahoo Groups e-mail list: bostondefenders.



Defenders/San Francisco. The Website includes a bulletin board and information on an e-mail list.

Defenders LLC / Washington, D.C.


Thom Saporita Lost to AIDS at 45: A Tireless Activist was Also a Consummate New Yorker. By Will Berger. Obituary for a member of DefendersNY. [Gay City News]

Leather, Love and Longevity: Defenders LLC Celebrates 10 Years as Spiritual Leather Club. By Kara Fox. On the Defenders LLC/Washington. [The Washington Blade]

Leather Flea Market Aims to Raise Funds. By Bryan Morlan. On the Defenders LLC/Washington. [The Washington Blade]

Defenders Washington Raised $10K in 2004 for Charity. (Skip down. Site's warning page.) [Master Taino's Leather Family]

American Flags and Paddles: A Flea Market with a Difference. By Dusk Peterson. On the Defenders LLC/Washington. (Site's warning page.) [True Tales]


An organization for GLBT and straight leatherfolk "interested in the integration of radical sexuality and spirituality."

LILA Yahoo Groups e-mail list:


Blog post:

The beginning of a spiritual leather group in Arizona. By Sean-Michael.


An organization for GLBT and straight leatherfolk of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). People of other spiritual traditions are welcome.

This section also lists other items related to MCC's ministry to leatherfolk.

PLAY (skip down).

PLAY Los Angeles.

PLAY Los Angeles Mission Statement. [Transcend]

MCC Yahoo Groups e-mail lists:



"We are Leather Folk in UFMCC founded in Region 5 but reaching beyond."

Essays and news:

Leather Sunday (PDF file; skip to page two). An article from the MCC New York newsletter. [MCCNY]

Leather Sunday – November 21, 2004. A slide show of pictures. [MCCNY]

MCCNY Attends LPN & Folsom Street East VIII – June 20, 2004. A slide show of pictures. [MCCNY]

Shaun Proulx Talks to Reverend Troy Perry. Discusses the leather journey of the founder of MCC. [Gay Guide Toronto]

God is Pro-Gay, Pro-Sex, and Pro-Leather! By Rev. Marj Creech. A message preached at a World AIDS Day service at a leather bar. Accompanying photos. [MCC Granville]

SCENEprofiles Interview with Justin Tanis. By Sensuous Sadie. An interview with a leather author who went on to become an MCC pastor. He discusses PLAY and MCC. [Sensuous Sadie's Domain]

PUP. Information on a documentary film about Master Skip Chasey and Pup Tim, co-founders of PLAY Los Angeles. The film includes discussion of their spiritual lives. [Wise Orchard Productions]

pupumentary. Yahoo e-mail list for the film.
Hand in Glove: Inside the Christian Ministry People of Leather Among You. By Margaret Wappler. Article on PLAY Los Angeles, Skip Chasey, and his leather family. []

See also the items on the Links page by Skip Chasey.

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