TOPMAN ¶ Online Writings by and about John Preston

Acknowledgments and Index of Contributors

I would like to thank the following individuals and organizations who have contributed remembrances, documents, moneys/goods/services, or information to Topman and the Preston Project.


People who have contributed remembrances to the Preston Project, with links to their remembrances. The reminiscences are also linked from Topman's Timeline.

Louie Crew: Preston Decides to Abandon Work Within the Episcopal Church.

Lars Eighner: Preston Goes in Search of an Author's Lost Manuscript.

Robert Halfhill: Preston Joins an Organization of Gay Students.

Michael Rowe: Walking with the Ghost of John Preston. – Peston's Protégés Learn of His Death.

Gary Schoener (Walk-In Counselling Center, Minneapolis): Preston Helps to Start Gay Community Services.

John Yoakam: Preston Asks Others to Take Over His Minneapolis Projects.

Arthur Zilversmit: A History Teacher Gets to Know His "Preppy" Student.


People and organizations who have contributed documents or similar items to the Preston Project, or provided access to such documents.

Joseph W. Bean.

Roy Birchard.

Graduate Theological Union Archives.

Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago (Rick Storer and Jeff Wirsing).


David Steinberg.

Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota at Twin Cities (Jean-Nikolaus Tretter).


People who have contributed money, goods, or services to the Preston Project.



William S. Peterson.


People and organizations who have provided information to the Preston Project or have helped in tracking down sources of information.

Sasha Alyson.

Ken Bronson.

Agnes Bushell.

Tim Campbell.

Episcopal Society for Ministry in Higher Education, New York City, recently disbanded (The Rev. Jacqueline Schmitt).

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Library/Archives of Philadelphia (Steven Capsuto).

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral and Wells Memorial, Minneapolis (KE Peters).

Thomas Kraemer.

Michael Lowenthal.

Lutheran Network for Inclusive Vision (The Rev. Katherine Hellier).

V. K. McCarty.

NAMES Project Foundation (Ritchie Crownfield).

Timo Palonen (Kioskikirjallisuus – Pehmeät Kannet /Finnish Pulp – Soft Covers)

Preston Archive, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (Timothy Engels).

Rainbow History Project of Washington, D.C. (Mark Meinke).

Christopher G. Reed.

Laurence Senelick.

University Episcopal Center, Minneapolis (The Rev. Neill Elliott).

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