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Shared Universes ¶ Michael's House Gallery

The following illustrations by glockgal accompanied the publication in MAS-Zine of Offstage in Michael's House. Click on the cropped thumbnails for the full illustrations. (The first illustration contains partial nudity.) The illustrations do not contain any major spoilers. The illustrations are followed by text descriptions for visitors who cannot see the art.

1: In the back yard2: On the roof

Illustration One: In this black-and-white illustration, an ebony-skinned man washes himself at a pump in a yard surrounded by evergreen trees and elegant but crumbling stone walls. His white clothes hang nearby. He is turning to look at a young man with lighter skin, who is standing within the iron gate of the yard. The young man is wearing a tattered Edwardian suit. Beyond the gate, a hedge-lined path follows the bank of a river. A steamboat travels toward a bridge spanning the river. The opposite shore is filled with houses.

Illustration Two: In this color illustration, the man who was bathing himself at the pump now stands in his white clothes upon a railing-lined rooftop at night. He is leaning against the cracked and ivy-strewn railing, looking down. Next to him stands a well-dressed, olive-skinned man with a sober expression on his face. Behind them, gracefully twisting bars guard a large, light-filled dome that rises above the level of the remainder of the roof. To the right of the house on which the men stand are the crowded rooftops of other houses, and in the distance are mountains.

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