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Shared Universes: Works set in Dusk Peterson's worlds by other writers and artists

This page links to other creators' fanfiction, fanart, and commissioned art that is inspired by my stories. Some links lead off-site. With permission from their creators, some works are hosted at this website.

Updated August 2021.

Fanworks policy and disclaimer

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The Three Lands (Chronicles of the Great Peninsula)

Read the Three Lands series.


Albert: May the Jackal Eat His Dead.

Albert: The Three Sides of the Jackal.

The Eternal Dungeon (Turn-of-the-Century Toughs)

Read the Eternal Dungeon series.


Devilc: In Darkness Chained. Prisoners always play games with their Seekers, but the Eternal Dungeon has never seen a player this adroit, nor a game played at this level. (Includes major spoilers for Rebirth and Transformation.)

"'Mr. Smith, may I ask a question?' the prisoner whispered. But before Layle could answer, the prisoner continued, 'Would you like it better if I moaned?'"

Devilc: The Story of a Mouse. (Includes major spoilers for "The Breaking [Rebirth #1]".)

"The Seeker with the pretty eyes and gentle voice had taken notice of her this morning when she went out in her blouse and best pinafore – best Mipese lamb's cashmere in softest gray that she had saved to buy, now hopelessly ruined unless she dyed it black . . ."

Engarian: Job Security. After the defeat of Sauron, Aragorn turns to the job of ruling and rebuilding. He is visited by his Steward escorting two men who are worried about the future of their jobs – torturers in the dungeon. (Lord of the Rings / The Eternal Dungeon crossover. Includes major spoilers for "The Breaking [Rebirth #1].")

"Aragorn cast a sharp look at his Steward, then focused on the two men standing respectfully, partially hidden in shadow. He beckoned, waving them forward. 'Come closer. You look somewhat familiar. . . . Smith, isn't it?"

Telepwen: Fall Together. (Includes major spoilers for Rebirth.)

"While most Vovimian racks were in the design of butterflies or birds or even that one in Wealdside in the form of a faerie, this one was different. A forgotten artist of twisted vision had crafted a wilting Tree of Life, her roots and nearly-bare branches sprawling to cradle the prisoner who was trying so very hard not to tremble."


Albert: Elsdon Taylor and a Woman Who May or May Not be Mercy. Artist's notes describing the selection of flowers in the first image: "Baby's breath: innocence. Alstro[e]meria: devotion, loyalty. Arbutus: rebirth. Bluebells: humility."

Albert: Layle Smith.

Albert: Pretty When You Cry. Violent content.

Albert: Sad Layle. Right side, second sketch from the bottom.

Michael's House (Turn-of-the-Century Toughs)

Read the Michael's House series.

Commissioned art

Glockgal: Michael and Hasan (partial nudity) and Michael and Janus, by glockgal for the MAS-Zine edition of "Offstage (Whipster #2)".

Master/Other (Yes, My Liege)

Read the Master/Other series.

Commissioned art

H. Rose Melenche: The lord and the youth (black-and-white) and The lord and the youth (color), by H. Rose Melenche for the MAS-Zine edition of "Debt Price."

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