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THE THREE LANDS: a Chronicles of the Great Peninsula seriesBy Dusk Peterson

He vowed himself to his god. Now the god is growing impatient . . .

The Three Lands is a fantasy series on friendship, romantic friendship, romance, and betrayal in times of war and peace. The series is inspired by conflicts between nations during the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages.

The series is part of the Chronicles of the Great Peninsula cycle.



Award and Reviews

=== AWARD ===

Honorable Mention, One Perfect Score category, in the Rainbow Awards 2012, for the novel Law of Vengeance.

=== REVIEWS ===

"I find the characterisations so sharply delicious, dark and shocking and yet engaging. . . . I like to savour each part." Clare London, author of The Gold Warrior.

"Even in Dusk Peterson's darkest stories there is hope and, when it's needed, redemption. . . . These are powerful stories, beautifully written, with characters who will linger in your memory." Smashwords (C. S. McClellan).

"There's something very special about Dusk's dark fic. Dark, very, but there's this smidgen of light in every cavern Dusk throws a reader, and the brightness of that light is practically overwhelming by the time you get to the end of the novel, and it is like crawling to the opening of a cavern. It's like getting a miracle." Goodreads (K. M. Frontain).


The Three Lands: an omnibus of fantasy novels set in the Great Peninsula

Koretia, Emor, and Daxis were all founded on the same day, but as the centuries have passed, the Three Lands of the Great Peninsula have become increasingly divided by religion, government, and culture. Koretians worship many gods, Daxions worship one goddess, and Emorians revere only their law. Emorians claim that Koretians are vicious and superstitious, Koretians think that Daxions are vile oath-breakers, and Daxions charge that Emorians abuse their children and slaves.

If a god were to appear in the Three Lands, would his appearance bring an end to the fighting between nations? Or would he merely help to spark an inferno of war?

As the inhabitants of the Three Lands struggle to adjust to the appearance of an unexpected visitor into the human world, two people will play crucial roles in the conflict. One is a young Emorian clever, courageous, and affectionate who will come to understand the Koretians with a depth and intimacy that few others of his land can match. The second person is a young Koretian whom the Emorian will seek to destroy.

This 360,000-word omnibus contains two novels, two novellas, and a novelette in The Three Lands, a fantasy series on friendship, romantic friendship, romance, and betrayal in times of war and peace. The series is inspired by conflicts between nations during the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages.



Law Links (novel) | Blood Vow (novel) | Re-creation: gift for a slave (novelette) | Bard of Pain (novella) | Mystery (novella).


Law Links

Few events are more thrilling in a young man's life than a blood feud between two villages. Or so Adrian thought.

Torn between affection toward his traditional-minded father and worship of his peace-loving, heretical priest, Adrian finds himself caught between two incompatible visions of his duty to the gods. Then the Jackal God sends Adrian a message that will disrupt his world and send him fleeing to a new and perilous life.

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Death Mask

For eighteen years, he has survived in an army unit where few soldiers live more than two or three years. Now he finds himself in circumstances where his life is a living hell. Will the soldier who defied death find that life is too great a challenge?

Soldiers, spies, slaves, rebels, assassins, gods, and men who set out to break him . . . The Lieutenant of the Border Mountain Patrol will learn that his greatest test is himself.

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Blood Vow

He has taken a blood vow to the Jackal God to bring freedom to his land by killing Koretia's greatest enemy. But what will he do when the enemy becomes his friend?

Thrust into exile and pain, young Andrew has no choice but to accept the friendship of the very person he had vowed to kill. When he returns with his friend to his homeland fifteen years later, though, he finds himself in a land of conflicting loyalties . . . where a vengeful god awaits him.

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Law of Vengeance

For over twenty years, Lord Carle has told the heir to the Emorian throne that vengeance is only the other side of mercy, and that disobedience and treachery should never be forgiven. Finally it seems that his message has been received. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that Carle should have chosen this moment to break the law.

As war threatens and the foundations of his life crumble, his only hope for rescue lies with a man who has every reason to hate Carle.

Award: Honorable Mention, One Perfect Score category, in the Rainbow Awards 2012.



Breached Boundaries

The boundaries of rank declare that Serva can be a princess or she can be a slave. But for the bastard daughter of the King of Daxis, life is not that simple.

Forced to be a tool in a battle waged by her land's unstable King and his dangerously devious heir, Serva cannot even find refuge among her fellow slaves. Instead, she secretly explores the hidden portions of the palace. In this way, she meets an imprisoned spy who is scheduled for execution.

But when a simmering war bubbles to the surface, Serva must choose where her loyalties lie. She must also solve the mystery of the spy's past, and of her own future.



Adversaries. When an endangered slave visits an imprisoned spy, she discovers that she has more options in life than she had thought.

Archive of Our OwnStory bundle

Challenge. When danger arises, an enslaved princess must reconsider her decision to remain loyal.

Stakes. As war thunders forth, a fleeing slave-princess discovers that all is not as she thought.

Battle. The best way to hide may be in plain sight. Or perhaps not.

Settlement. In the north lies separation and snow and far too many revelations.

Surrender. The song has ended . . . except for one important part.

Empty Dagger Hand

Dolan is a quiet young man who spends his days working as a scribe. So why does he have a dagger hidden under his tunic?

When Dolan's hidden life turns to disaster, he must make his way alone through a warring world of many enemies and few allies. Figuring out which men are his allies will take time, and not much time is left.

As an empire crumbles and civilization is threatened, Dolan must use all his wits to survive, for only he can bring to safety the greatest treasure in the Three Lands.

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Side stories

Set during and after the events of Law Links:


He was a loyal servant of the god. But even loyal servants have their limits.

When Griffith is cast into the role of leading a deadly blood feud against a rival village, he must decide how strong his faith is in the religion that decrees such feuds must occur. Griffith has always been a prankster . . . but can he trick his way out of this dilemma?

Archive of Our Own

Famine or Feast

Adrian knew that friendship was a fundamental custom of all mankind. Or so he thought, until his closest friend discovered a mysterious journal.

Archive of Our Own

Season of Dangerous Peace

His village is dead, his baron broken beyond mending. Now, as the year reaches the season of peace, the baron's heir must decide whether to keep his family hidden, safe from the blood feud that is ravaging their kingdom, or to enter danger in quest of a higher goal.

Archive of Our Own

Set before or during the events of Blood Vow and Law of Vengeance:

The Fire Before

The god's fire is fierce, but not as fierce as the god's wrath if you turn away.

Tristan is the King's heir, destined to rule the Kingdom of Koretia. His nephew Robin has taken Tristan's place as baron of their town. Now both men are about to face the worst crisis their land has ever known. And neither of them understands what the true crisis is.

As Tristan struggles to find the courage to follow his god's command, and Robin tries to find a middle ground between piety and disloyalty to his uncle, the two noblemen will be forced to confront the consequences of war . . . and the consequences of their own inaction.

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Re-creation: gift for a slave

What can you give a slave who, by law, can own nothing?  That is the question faced by Peter, the teenage heir to the throne of an empire. Despite his father's desire that the imperial heir maintain a formal distance from servants, Peter finds himself drawn in friendship to the younger boy who serves as his slave.

But a shocking revelation on the eve of the New Year forces Peter to confront his own motives for keeping the slave close by. And that in turn will help him understand the deeper meaning of the gift-giving festival.

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Free-man's Blade

Free-men are the backbone of Emor: the men who run and protect the empire. But when a young servant finds himself unexpectedly vaulted into manhood, he must decide how he will use his power, and who will pay the price of his decision.



Hidden Blade

His father is a dull farmer. His mother is a dull farmer's wife. He seems destined for a similarly dull life.

But then a stranger appears in their village, and suddenly the talk is of soldiers and spies and secrets and gods. Will he be able to break free of his father's legacy and make a bold dash to a life of his own?

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Daxis is the land of bards and of truths too painful to be faced.

When a man in the guise of a Koretian trader visits Daxis for his own purposes, he is confronted with memories of a battle from the past, as well as a challenge for his future.

Archive of Our Own

Set during or after the events of Breached Boundaries:

In the Spirit

Prince Richard has a high office in the army, a ruler who trusts him, and a loyal subordinate.

He also has a murderer who is likely to kill him one of these days. Amidst the many uncertainties of his life, can Richard count on love, or will that become yet another treachery?

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Set during and after the fall:

Bard of Pain

In the battle-weary lands of the Great Peninsula, only one fate is worse than being taken prisoner by the Lieutenant: being taken prisoner if you are the Lieutenant.

As the world's most skilled torturer struggles with his change of fortune, he finds that his fate is intertwined with the destinies of an idealistic army commander, an affectionate prisoner, and a protégé who reveres the Lieutenant's art . . . but is on the wrong side of the conflict.

For readers with print-reading disabilities: Bard of Pain is available at Bookshare. See also Bookshare's information on how to obtain an embossed Braille book.

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The Night Watch

They are the elite unit of the Northern Army, and their power is growing. But what they need is more than power: they need wisdom.

Xylon is the conscience of the Home Division Patrol. Everyone says so. But when his conscience fails him, Xylon must find the courage to help his fellow patrol guards through the worst crisis that the Great Peninsula has ever faced.

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Three days ago he faced death by fire. Now he faces a bigger challenge.

Made a priest at age thirteen and then elevated to the high rank of City Priest when he was twenty, Prosper has long held a position of tremendous power. But a terrible misstep causes him to break the God's Law which governs the Northern Peninsula. Now he is in exile from the God's Law: any man who meets Prosper is free to murder him.

A friend has sent Prosper to a protector . . . but can that protector shield Prosper, not only from potential killers, but from the consequences of the exiled priest's unacknowledged demons?

AmazonStory bundleGoodreads

Map and series resources

Map of the Three Lands of the Great Peninsula.

The Great Peninsula: series resources for Chronicles of the Great Peninsula. This page includes a chronology of events and a pronunciation of proper names.

Shared Universes: Works set in the Great Peninsula world by other authors and artists.

Progress report: status of upcoming stories

Updated December 2019. All titles and ordering are tentative at this point.


Side stories.

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