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THE GREAT PENINSULA: series resources for Chronicles of the Great Peninsula


Updated January 2024.

Map of The Three Lands of the Great Peninsula

Much larger version of the Three Lands map (1.67 MB).

Other resources

Chronology of the Great Peninsula. A timeline, updated whenever a new novel or story in Chronicles of the Great Peninsula is issued. It includes spoilers for political events but not for events in the lives of individual characters.

Pronunciation Guide to Proper Names in the Great Peninsula. Includes an MP3 file.

Peter's Family Tree. An Emorian royal genealogy for the period of the Late Charas. Includes minor spoilers for Law Links and Blood Vow.

Chronicles of the Great Peninsula bibliography. Includes a note on the geography and history of the Great Peninsula.

Shared Universes: Works set in the Great Peninsula world by other authors and artists.

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