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Official bio: Dusk Peterson writes historical speculative fiction: Arthurian-inspired mythic historical fantasy, gaslamp alternate history, and retrofuture science fiction. Amidst dangerous events, love often occurs in the stories: family affection, friendship, platonic life-companionships, and romance (f/m and m/m). Visit duskpeterson.com for serials, series resources, e-book previews, and notices of new releases.

Work life: A writer since age eight, I began releasing my online fiction in 2002, in the form of serializations at slash fiction e-mail lists. A few months later, I started posting my fiction on the web. I founded my e-book press, Love in Dark Settings Press, in 2007. In 2018, I extended the press's mission to subscription fiction. In the past, I've worked as a history writer, a newspaper reporter and copy editor, an e-zine publisher and editor, a historical researcher for other authors, an editorial assistant to history editors, a library assistant, a college archive assistant, a bookstore clerk, an office supplies store clerk, and a 5&10 clerk who lusted after the contents of the stationery section.

Personal life: Born in 1963, I was initially raised in a university community just outside the rural village of Berrien Springs, Michigan. I mainly lived from ages eight to fifty-one in the New Deal planned community of Greenbelt, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, D.C.). A graduate of St. John's College in Annapolis (which has a Great Books curriculum), I also lived in Annapolis for five years, in Baltimore for five years, and in England – primarily Oxford – for an accumulated total of two years. Since 2014, I have lived in northern Maryland with my platonic life-companion. A homebody (even before the pandemic!), I divide most of my time between writing, housework, family life, and other aspects of simple living.

Pronouns: they/their/them.

Honorific: Mx.

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