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This page lists information related to original slash, a genre of professionally published literature and art featuring male/male and female/female attraction. New releases, reviews, and market reports on this genre are available through the home page of this site.

Blue Call Zine (yaoi/slash webzine; no longer online). Paying market. Was scheduled to publish fiction and art. Website went online in 2006 and shut down in 2007. Blog, with contact address.

JACK: An eZine for Original Homoerotic Fiction (slash webzine; no longer online). Paying market. "Welcome to JACK, an ezine of original homoerotic fiction written by Fanfiction Writers. . . . There are many talented writers in slash fandom who want to make the bridge between fanfic and original homoerotic fiction. All JACK does is give them an even chance with a panel of their peers, to have their work judged objectively by their target audience." Managing editor: Kirby Crow. Senior editor: SavageSeraph. Was active in 2005.

See The Slash Skinny for current markets accepting original slash.

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