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This page lists information related to original slash, a genre of professionally published literature and art featuring male/male and female/female attraction. New releases, reviews, and market reports on this genre are available through the home page of this site.

What is original slash?

Site content label for parents, guardians, and visitors who control their own reading matter.

Fan = Site deals with fan works.

Original = Site deals with original works.

The focus of this Web directory is on original (non-fan) works. Sites providing information about fan works are included among these links because they give some sense of the genre traditions that original slash creators draw upon.

The links page also includes information on related genres.


LionHeart Distribution: Original Gay Fiction and Original Fiction. Original. Zines from the fan fiction community.

Lulu Marketplace. Original. Online bookstore to a self-publishing company that carries a goodly number of original slash titles; search by keyword to locate them. To see the mature titles, you must be signed in with Lulu (registration is free) and have your access level set at "Mature."

Waveney Zine Shop: Gay Fiction and Original Fiction. Original. Zines from the fan fiction community.


This section includes events devoted to related genres of literature and art.

Anime Convention Schedule and Original and fan. Information on anime/manga conventions, including ones inclusive of yaoi and yuri.

Jenga's Convention Listing: Other Conventions and ReadAssist: Conventions. Original and fan. Two mega-lists of science fiction and fantasy conventions.

Romance Fiction Events. Original.

Science Fiction Conventions. Original and fan. From Lambda Sci-Fi, a club devoted to GLBT science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Slash Conventions Perpetual Calendar. Mainly fan. From slash_con.

Slash/Yaoi/Yuri/Anime/GLBT-Friendly Conventions. Original and fan. Compiled by James Buchanan.

Yuri Shoujo-Ai Events. Original and fan. Maintained by Yuri-Con.


The Fanfic Symposium. Fan. Essays by various authors about the creation of fan fiction.

The Fanfiction Glossary, Ashera's Archive: Glossary, and Wikipedia: Fan Fiction Terminology. Fan. Fan. Includes the history of m/m slash and saffic.

metabib. Fan. A collection of links to theoretical discussions about fan works. Includes the Multi-Fannish Meta Newbie Guide, listing the meta fan works blogs that existed in 2005.

metafandom. Fan. Near-daily newsletter linking to theoretical discussions about fan works.

Wikipedia: Femslash and Slash Fiction.

YaoiResearchWiki. Original and fan. Covers yaoi, shonen-ai, boys' love, and slash. (Currently seeking a new server.)


Unless otherwise noted, self-nominated works are eligible.

EPPIE Awards. Original. Electronic literature. Includes a GLBT category.

Gaylactic Spectrum Awards. Original. GLBT science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Lambda Literary Awards. Original. GLBT literature.

The Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. Original. An annual poll by online readers of their favorite literature and sites. Original slash literature and sites are often listed in the poll

Stonewall Book Awards. Original. GLBT literature. Nominations are accepted from the general public, among others. "Nominations will not be accepted from the publisher of a proposed book, agents or representatives of the author, or anyone else who may stand to gain directly from the nomination of the book."


Greenegret's F/F Slash Links. Mainly fan. Cached by from 2003.

Uberfic Xena links: The Mammoth Index: Uber and The Pink Rabbit Consortium: Links. Original and fan. Uberfic is a form of female/female slash that blurs the boundaries between original and derivative fiction.

YaoiSuki. Original and fan. News, reviews, and links related to yaoi, including coverage of slash/yaoi presses.


This section lists organizations for professional writers or artists that mention original slash in their mission statements.

Erotic Authors Association. Original.

SELF-PUBLISHING Company offering self-published print-on-demand books and e-books under its "Published by You" program. Also provides subsidy publishing under its "Published by Lulu" program. Blog.

Lightning Source. Major printer of print-on-demand books. Also offers e-books.

Lists of self-publishing companies and printers: An Incomplete Guide to POD Publishers | Print-on-Demand and Ebook Producers | Print on Demand Database | List of Book Printers.

LJBook. Free software that lets you turn your LiveJournal entries into a PDF file that can be distributed as an e-book or converted into a print-on-demand book.

Other places for self-publishing news:

Absolute Write Forums: POD Self-Publishing and E-Publishing and Conventional Self-Publishing.

Erotic Romance Writers Forum: Self-Publishing. Also covers Web publishing.

POD-dy Mouth. A reviews and news blog on self-published books. No longer active, but the archives are worth browsing through.

Yahoo Groups: Print on Demand Publishers. Tends to attract folks who self-publish through Lightning Source.

Yahoo Groups: Self-Publishing. Tends to attract folks who self-publish through offset printing.

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