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This page lists information related to original slash, a genre of professionally published literature and art featuring male/male and female/female attraction. New releases, reviews, and market reports on this genre are available through the home page of this site.

What is original slash?

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Bent Magazine (male/male print magazine and e-zine).

"A bi-monthly magazine featuring original male/male romantic fiction, as well as short comics, articles, and reviews."

BENT Magazine #1 (November 30, 2006; $9.50 print, $4 download). Fiction by Alex Hogan, R. Derek Thomas, Kris Ashley, Brit Mandelo, Margaret Whitfield, and Michael Cain. Reviews by Jen Parker and Jordan Marks. Art by Chizukahime and Beyond Algo. Review by Tina Anderson (reviewer's blog).

BENT Magazine #2 (January 2, 2007; $9.50 print, $4 download). Fiction by J. D. Meng, Kris Ashley, Rain, and Michael Gouda. Reviews by Jordan Marks and Jen Parker. Art by Chizukahime and Red Bean.

BENT Magazine #3 (March 15, 2007; $9.50 print, $4 download). Fiction by Anel Viz, River B., K. C. Warwick, and Kris Ashley. Nonfiction by Jacqueline Gerringer. Reviews by Jen Parker and Jordan Marks.

Forbidden Fruit (male/male webzine).

"An original slash fiction magazine."

Forbidden Fruit #13 (January 2007; free). Theme: Winter Holiday. Fiction by Kay Derwydd, Ally Blue, Emily Veinglory, Lullena, Alex Hogan, Ansley Vaughan, James Buchanan, Fiona Glass, and Alyx J Shaw. Nonfiction by Sharon Maria Bidwell and Emily Veinglory. Reviews by Luisa Prieto and Sharon Maria Bidwell. Art by Eve Le Dez, Emily Veinglory, Shallow, and Scott Gubala.

MAS-Zine (male/male e-anthology)

"Men loving Men fiction with dark elements." ISSN: 1613-915.

MAS-Zine #1: Juxian Tang: The Darker Side (Summer 2002; no longer for sale; online stories are linked). Genres: science fiction and historical fiction. Fiction by Juxian Tang. Art by Jessica (cover art) and Angel. Review by Pam Hollier (published at MAS-Zine, May 2003).

MAS-Zine #2: Bishonen in Peril (Autumn 2002; $8.90). Fiction by Becca Abbott, Heather Elizabeth Peterson (aka Dusk Peterson), Remy, Francesca, Amanda02, and MadamHydra. Art by BlackRose (cover art), Jessica (cover art of Yaoi-Con edition), Helm, and Francesca. Genres: yaoi fan fiction and original fantasy, science fiction, and vampire fiction. Issue description. Some contents may now be online at the authors' sites, which are linked from the issue description page. Review by Lady Cyrrh (site's warning page; The Annex Reviews, May 2003). Review by Amalthia (Almathia's Novel Reviews, undated). Review by Pam Hollier (published at MAS-Zine, May 2003).

True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power (male/male webzine).

An "online gay magazine that publishes true stories and fiction on masculinity and power." Also, "links to erotic art, photography, and videos, as well as some non-erotic writings on masculine power."

True Tales #4 (October 2005; free). Theme: Regional Works. Includes fiction by Parhelion and Dusk Peterson, the latter of which became the runner-up for the 2006 Rauxa Prize for Erotic Fiction.

True Tales #5 (December 2006; free). Theme: Military Men. Includes fiction by Ruthless.

True Tales #6 (February 2007; free). Theme: Military Men. Includes fiction by DoggyJ.

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