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This page lists information related to original slash, a genre of professionally published literature and art featuring male/male and female/female attraction. New releases, reviews, and market reports on this genre are available through the home page of this site.

Aspiring creators might want to check it out . . . Yes, it's a whole 99 cents instead of free, but Dusk Peterson does a really detailed report.

[Recommendation by Jordan Marks, YaoiSuki, April 11, 2007]

It looks GREAT! I can see how helpful this will be for me in future months . . .

[Reader's response by author J. M. Snyder, Erotic Authors Association blog, April 12, 2007]

This was packed full of info . . .

[Reader's response by author Laura Bacchi, Erotic Authors Association blog, April 12, 2007]

I just wanted to say thanks for spending so much time on the project and still allowing the price to be manageable.

[Reader's response by Lanterns_Dance, community blog, April 21, 2007.]

Every other month Dusk Peterson publishes a newsletter covering original slash, yaoi and other gay male romance markets. The Slash Skinny is available from Lulu for just .99 a download and it's a great roundup of the field.

[Recommendation by author Anne Harris, author's blog, June 15, 2007.]

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