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THE THOUSAND NATIONS: a Chronicles of the Great Peninsula seriesBy Dusk Peterson

In a shattered world of warriors and barbarisms, only the deepest ties of friendship and romance can protect them. That, and a god they may not be able to trust.

The Thousand Nations is a fantasy series about what happens after the fall of a civilization.

The series is part of the Chronicles of the Great Peninsula cycle.


Search for the Jackal (Volume 1 of The Thousand Nations)

When a young man named Dolan flees from the north, he finds danger on all sides. The Northern Army wants him back. The Empire of Emor wants him dead. His native homeland of Koretia may not want him at all. And his only protection is a man with motives that are mysterious and possibly deadly.

To remain alive, Dolan must forge alliances, cement friendships, break and heal a killer, and seek a lost god. Most of all, he must decide what his goal is and how high a price he is willing to pay to achieve that goal.

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Map and series resources

Map of the Three Lands of the Great Peninsula.

The Great Peninsula: series resources for Chronicles of the Great Peninsula. This page includes a chronology of events and a pronunciation of proper names.

Shared Universes: Works set in the Great Peninsula world by other authors and artists.

Progress report: status of upcoming stories

Updated September 2019. All titles and ordering are tentative at this point.

Search for the Jackal (volume).

Side stories.

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