LOVE IN DARK SETTINGS: historical adventure speculative fiction & suspenseful lgbtq novels by Dusk Peterson
Imprisonment. Slavery. War. Love.

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WORD COUNTS AND PROGRESS REPORT: progress report ¶ By Dusk Peterson

Wordage summaries, charts, and links to stories from each year.

This page shows the current status of works in progress. Updated 13 March 2016.

Start/finish writing:

--Sacrifice 1-3 (Waterman, Vol. 3).
--Cycle (Waterman, Vol. 4).
--Warden (Waterman, Vol. 5).
--Riddle (Waterman, Vol. 6).
--Blackout (Waterman, Vol. 7).
--Justice's Hammer (Life Prison, Vol. 3).
--Triad (Commando).
--Honor and Hope (Michael's House, Vol. 2).
--Forge 2-4 (The Eternal Dungeon).
--Bad Blood (The Eternal Dungeon).
--Shot (The Eternal Dungeon).
--Demon in His Lair (The Three Lands).
--Death Mask 3 (The Three Lands).
--The Fire Before (The Three Lands).
--Touch Fire (The Three Lands).
--Breached Boundaries 4-5 (The Three Lands).
--The Golden Chain (The Three Lands).
--Empty Dagger Hand (The Three Lands).
--The Long Night (The Three Lands).
--Unknowable (The Three Lands).
--Petty (Princeling, Vol. 2).
--Princeling (Princeling, Vol. 3).
--Edgeplay in Mayhill 4-5 (Loren's Lashes, Vol. 1).
--Work-for-Hire in Mayhill (Loren's Lashes, Vol. 2).
--Lawrenceville (Subtext).

Due to be edited or laid out, but on hold for various reasons:

--Sweeping Day (Young Toughs).
--Sacrifice 4: Protection (Waterman, Vol. 2).
--Homecoming (Life Prison).
--Breached Boundaries 1: Adversaries (The Three Lands).
--Breached Boundaries 2: Challenge (The Three Lands).
--Breached Boundaries 3: Stakes (The Three Lands).
--Guise (The Three Lands).
--Death Mask 1: Immediate Danger Whistle (The Three Lands).
--Death Mask 2: Probable Danger Whistle (The Three Lands).
--In the Spirit (The Three Lands).
--Law-Lover (The Three Lands).
--Water in a Drought (Loren's Lashes, side story).
--Emergency Call (Leather in Lawnville).


--Survival School (Young Toughs).
--The Lure (Young Toughs).
--Hell's Messenger 3: Initiation (Life Prison, Vol. 2).
--Emancipation (Life Prison).
--Sweet Blood 5: Truth and Trust (The Eternal Dungeon, Vol. 5)
--Forge 1: Stalked (The Eternal Dungeon).
--Tax the Dungeon (The Eternal Dungeon).
--Wildfire (Young Spies).
--Wizard of the Sun (Darkling Plain).

Laying out:

--Far Enough Away (Young Toughs).
--New Day (Young Toughs).
--Ma'am (The Eternal Dungeon).

Upcoming reissues:

--AI / Queue (Young Toughs).
--Transformation (The Eternal Dungeon, Vol. 2).
--Soldiers, Spies, and Law Links (Young Spies) - reissue of Law Links (The Three Lands).

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