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Chronicles of the Great Peninsula: Late Antiquity

Turn-of-the-Century Toughs: Gaslamp Era & Atomic Age

Yes, My Liege: Middle Ages & Renaissance

Main Street: Retro Fiction

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If you send me pretty compliments, I will print your letter out and frame it above my computer. (This isn't much of an exaggeration.) If, on the other hand, you send me a letter that begins, "What kind of nitwitted writer are you? You gave your character blue eyes in scene one and green eyes in scene two!" then I will raise up a shrine in your honor and burn candles upon your altar.

Constructive criticism, enquiries, and idle chit-chat may be sent to Mx. Dusk Peterson at duskpeterson(at)fastmail.fm. My emergency contact is Mr. Joe Noakes at lemurjoe(at)gmail.com.

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