LOVE IN DARK SETTINGS: historical adventure speculative fiction & suspenseful lqbtq novels by Dusk Peterson
Imprisonment. Slavery. War. Love.

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* Resources for the Disabled at This Domain
* Accessible Fiction, Nonfiction, and Videos
* Navigating This Domain
* Site Design
* Accessibility Checks That This Domain Has Undergone
* Contact Information

Resources for the Disabled at This Domain

Resources for blind and partially sighted readers are available at this domain. Those resources may also be of interest to visitors with mobility impairments that affect their ability to read.

Accessible Fiction, Nonfiction, and Videos

See the accessible editions FAQ for more information on which writings are available in braille and DAISY, and for more information on the accessibility features of writings at this domain. My online fiction and online nonfiction is in accessible HTML format (that is, the format used for Web pages). My e-books that are sold at Gumroads, Smashwords, and Amazon are DRM-free and can therefore be accessed by screen readers. Booktrailer videos are accessible to the deaf.

Navigating This Domain

The home page links all of the fiction and nonfiction series. The nonfiction contents page links to subdirectories that list and describe all of the nonfiction sites. In addition, a single-page alphabetical site map is available.

Site Design

Most of the pages at this domain consist of black text on white pages. A few of my older sites may not be fully accessible.

Accessibility Checks That This Domain Has Undergone

This domain conforms as closely as I can get to the World Wide Web Consortium's Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, taking into account that I have limited knowledge of HTML and work with an older What You See Is What You Get editor. The domain conforms to the standards of Section 508. It has been tested in 16 bit, 24 bit, and 256 colors. It has been checked using the Window-Eyes screen reader and a 28-point bold-faced font. The site has passed the Vischeck, the Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer, the Lynx Inspection, and's Screen Size Tester and Web Site Viewer.

It also makes a mean cup of coffee. If you still have any problems viewing this site, please contact me.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the accessibility of this domain, please write to Dusk Peterson.

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