ALTERNATE TIMELINES: historical speculative fiction with diverse characters by Dusk Peterson
Historical fantasy. Alternate history. Retrofuture science fiction. Diversity.

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Founded in 2002, Love in Dark Settings Press publishes e-books and online fiction by Dusk Peterson.

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Updated January 2017.

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What should I know about your online fiction?

Which subscription services and bookstores are your e-books available at?

Do your e-books have Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

How do I unzip an html e-book?

Do I have to read the rest of the series to understand a story that occurs in the middle of it?

May I make fan works? May I make derivative works? May I share your e-books with other people?

What is an Amazon Associate?

Which accessible books are available for the disabled?

I'm visually impaired. What else should I know about this website?

What should I know about your online fiction?

My online fiction is distributed through Archive of Our Own (AO3). The stories are listed on my series pages at this website and also at my Archive of Our Own account.

If you have not already done so, please read the cautions for readers of my online fiction. Some stories are intended for mature readers; these will have a warning page that you'll need to click past (if you wish).

You can read each story online, or you can download each story as a free e-book (in html, epub, mobi, or pdf formats) by clicking on the "Download" button toward the top of the story's page.

Periodically, I bundle my free fiction by series volume or theme and offer such e-books at online bookstores.

Authors Against DRMWhich subscription services and bookstores are your e-books available at?

The links below lead directly to my e-books at subscription services, bookstores, and an online fiction archive. You can also find links to all my e-books on the series pages of this website. If you already know which story you're seeking, but aren't sure which series it belongs to, the easiest way to locate it is to do a Find search on this list of all my e-books and online fiction.

Sections below: Subscription services | Independent stores (multiformat e-books) | Other stores (Kindle and epub e-books) | Free online e-books (multiformat e-books).




INDEPENDENT STORES (multiformat e-books)

Dusk Peterson's store at Gumroad (US). Free DRM-free multiformat e-books: epub, html, mobi/Kindle, pdf, doc.

Smashwords (US)Free DRM-free multiformat e-books.

These independent bookstores sell my epub e-books via Kobo. (Not linked directly to my e-books.)

OTHER STORES (Kindle and epub e-books)

My e-books are available at more online bookstores than I can track now, so if you have a favorite e-bookstore, just do a search at the store to see if I'm there.

Major stores:

Amazon Kindle. DRM-free Kindle e-books.

Apple iBooks.

Barnes & Noble.



Angus & Roberson.



Livraria Cultura.






La Feltrinelli.





New Zealand:


United Kingdom:

WH Smith.

FREE E-BOOKS (multiformat e-books)

My online fiction can also be downloaded as free multiformat e-books.

Do your e-books have Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

All Love in Dark Settings Press e-books sold at Gumroad, Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble are DRM-free. You can read them, without restriction, on any device that reads the particular format you've bought. Some other retailers may apply DRM to the e-books; I have no control over this.

How do I unzip an html e-book?

A zipped file is simply a way of compressing a group of files so that they can be downloaded more quickly. In order to open a zipped e-book, first download the zipped file to your hard drive. Go to the directory to which you downloaded the file. (In Windows, you can do this through My Computer or Windows Explorer.) Most recently manufactured computers will automatically unzip a zipped file if you double-click on the file name. (You may have be sent to a window where you can instruct the computer to extract the files.) If that doesn't work, you can try these unzipping programs.

Free: 7-Zip (Windows) or Unarchiver (Mac).

Popular: WinZip (Windows) or Stuffit (Mac).

How to open a zipped file in Windows without an unzipping program.

When you double-click on the zipped file, the unzipping program may automatically extract all of the files into a folder. If the unzipping program instead shows you a list of files, then select all of the files that the unzipping program shows. (You can select all the files by typing Control-A in Windows.) Extract the files into an empty folder.

In order to start reading the e-book, click on the html file. Except for the e-book cover, the image files will automatically show up as part of the html file.

Do I have to read the rest of the series to understand a story that occurs in the middle of it?


Most of the stories in series are designed so that you don't need to have knowledge of what came before; any information you need is included within the story itself.

In a very few cases, a summary of previous events will be included at the beginning of the story. This is written in as entertaining a manner as possible, to prevent you from falling asleep during the summary.

A lot of these stories were written out of order, so there's no harm in you reading them out of order. However, you should be aware that later stories in a series often contain major spoilers for earlier stories.

May I make fan works? May I make derivative works? May I share your e-books with other people?

"Yes" if your purpose is noncommercial; "Maybe" if it's commercial. For details, see my policies on copyright, sharing, derivative works, and fan works.

What is an Amazon Associate?

Amazon suggests that I express the answer to that question in this manner:

Dusk Peterson is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

A translation:

If you click on an Amazon link at this website, I get a small percentage of the price of whatever you buy while you're visiting Amazon via the link, whether it's my e-books or any other product at Amazon. I'm not an employee of Amazon; I simply earn advertising fees by linking at this website to my e-books at Amazon (which I would do in any case, for the sake of my Amazon readers).

Which accessible books are available for the disabled?

My Braille and DAISY books can be downloaded for free at Bookshare. You don't need to be a member to download the electronic files. (I only have one book at Bookshare so far, but I'm planning to donate more in the coming months.) Bookshare also provides information on obtaining embossed Braille books.

My e-books at bookstores are nearly always DRM-free (read more about my DRM-free e-books here), so they can be read by screenreaders. My online fiction can be read online or downloaded as free multiformat e-books.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

I'm visually impaired. What else should I know about this website?

Most of the pages at this domain consist of black text on white pages, with no sidebars. A few of my older sections of the website may not be fully accessible to visually impaired readers; however, all of the fiction sections should be accessible.

Resources for blind and partially sighted readers are available at this domain (though they're more than a little out of date). Those resources may also be of interest to visitors with mobility impairments that affect their ability to read.

This domain conforms as closely as I can get to the World Wide Web Consortium's Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, taking into account that I have limited knowledge of HTML and work with an older What You See Is What You Get editor. The domain conforms to the standards of Section 508. It has been tested in 16 bit, 24 bit, and 256 colors. It has been checked using the Window-Eyes screen reader and a 28-point bold-faced font. The site has passed theVischeck, the Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer, the Lynx Inspection, and's Screen Size Tester and Web Site Viewer.

It also makes a mean cup of coffee. If you still have any problems viewing this site, please e-mail me.

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