UNMASKED ¶ By Dusk Peterson

Behind the screaming news headlines, behind the hype and the sensationalism, lies the quiet but dramatic tale of people whose actions may change the lives of the next generation.

Unmasked is a contemporary fiction series on a challenging topic.

Content note: Although they contain no scenes of onscreen sex or violence, these stories are intended for mature readers. Adult supervision is strongly suggested.

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"No excuses or apologies are made [for the characters' actions], simply an honest, objective exploration of the human character, and the resulting masterpiece is powerful enough to change my perspective of the world . . . I beg you all to give this story a try, despite the sensitive content, because here is a story about love, about friendship, about forgiveness and acceptance and understanding, and I guarantee it will send your world lurching, as it has mine." E-witness.

"The strangest and most compelling love story that I have ever read . . . There are parts where my heart absolutely aches for the characters and their specific struggles." Kat.

"I was so captivated by the interweaving plotlines as we slowly learned more about the characters through posts that I made it through the whole thing in one sitting. A beautifully written and haunting tale." Orion.

Twenty Thousand Gold Stars: A Novel about an Internet Community

White Rose has lived a double life for too long. For too many years, he has struggled alone to determine how he should handle an ethical dilemma he never wanted to face. Now, finally, he has found help online. But is it the right help?

Twenty Thousand Gold Stars describes an online world where anonymity is all-important, and where a knock on the door can spell disaster. Yet behind the masks that are unwillingly donned, men and women seek answers to imperative questions that will determine, not only their own futures, but the futures of those they meet in real life.

     ¶ Read the story onlineRead 'Twenty Thousand Gold Stars' at AO3
     ¶ Data: 70,000 words | Publication history.
     ¶ Fan translation into Russian by Rose Red (with the assistance of Honeysickle)Read 'Twenty Thousand Gold Stars' in Russian
     ¶ Review (may include spoilers): E-witness.


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Side story

Puppets. A reporter is assigned to cover what sounds like the perfect feel-good story: the victim of a crime will forgive her offender. The only problem is that the criminal and the victim are refusing to cooperate.
     ¶ Read the story onlineRead 'Puppets' at AO3
     ¶ Data: 10,000 words | Publication history.
     ¶ Review (may include spoilers): Templum Bellonae.

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