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LOOKING FOR MR. PRESTON: Memories of the Author

Two essays from a tribute anthology that collected personal reminiscences and fiction by Preston's friends and colleagues.

Me and Mr. Preston. By Jesse Monteagudo. Original title: "Visions of Preston." The essay is written by one of the authors who was published in Preston's anthologies. (Caution: The page includes an erotic image illustrating one of Preston's books.) [GayToday]

Walking With the Ghost of John Preston. By Michael Rowe. A journalist has a disastrous encounter with Preston, then gets a second chance. [Topman]

Looking for Mr. Preston. Edited by Laura Antoniou. Ordering information for the book. []


General memories of Preston and his works.

Anne Rice Answers Her Readers' Questions (skip down to the paragraph beginning "All your writing"). By Anne Rice. A reader asks the novelist about her friend John Preston, and she responds. [Salon]

Carrying the Torch: Michael Lowenthal Speaks of His Mentor (excerpt). By Robin DeFrescia. From a 1996 Washington Blade interview with one of Preston's protégés. [Dartmouth College Alumni Relations]

Remembering John Preston. By Jack Rinella. See also Rinella's Welcome Back Mr. Benson and Leather Lit. 101. []

More remembrances can be found scattered throughout Topman's Timeline. An index of the remembrances at this site is available.


The Weekly News Author of the Year (1985). An award given by a Florida GLBT newspaper, as reported on January 10, 1985, by the Boston GLBT newspaper Bay Windows.

Stonewall Book Awards Finalist (1990). In the nonfiction category, for editing Personal Dispatches. [American Library Association]

Book-of-the-Month Club Selection (1991). For The Big Gay Book.

Book-of-the-Month Club Selection (1991). For Hometowns.

Lambda Literary Award (1992). In the "Gay Men's Anthologies" category, for editing A Member of the Family. [DREAMWalker Group]

Stonewall Book Award Finalist (1993). In the nonfiction category, for editing A Member of the Family. [American Library Association]

Lambda Literary Award (1994). In the "Lesbian and Gay Anthologies / Nonfiction" category, for editing Sister and Brother with Joan Nestle. [DREAMWalker Group]

National Leather Association Man of the Year (1994) (skip down). [NLA]

Stonewall Book Award Finalist (1995). In the nonfiction category, for editing Sister and Brother with Joan Nestle. [American Library Association]

Lambda Book Report's"100 Lesbian and Gay Books That Changed Our Lives" (2000) (skip down). For Mr. Benson. The novel appears as #63 on the list. The same list, compiled by Jesse Monteagudo, appeared earlier in Gay Today. [Gay Today]

The Mirror of Maine: One Hundred Distinguished Books That Reveal the History of the State and the Life of Its People (2000). For Winter's Light. The collection of essays on New England life is #98 on the list which was published by The University of Maine Press and The Baxter Society, in association with The Maine Historical Society. [Waterboro Public Library]

About the Lambda Literary Awards. A description from 1989. These days, the awards are presented by the Lambda Literary Foundation. [Queer Resources Directory]

About the Stonewall Book Award. Awarded by the American Library Association. A description from 2002, before the award changed its name. [ALA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table]


John Preston. By Ashlyn Donnchaid. A complete list of Preston's books and a selected list of his articles and ephemera. Donnchaid's list of his pseudonymous books too long (Preston did not write all of the Barrabas series), but her list of books published under Preston's own name matches the one prepared by Michael Lowenthal for Preston's final collection of essays, Winter's Light. [Home Page]


Le Coin des Célébrités: John Preston. In French. A biography. [Travail du Sexe]

The Ekstelopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: John Preston. In Russian. A brief biography.

Review of Gefahr im Verzug. In German. A review of one of Preston's Alex Kane books. (Caution: This page includes erotic images.) [Lust]

SM Books. In Japanese. A fan's list that includes short reviews of several of Preston's erotic fiction books, including a reaction to an Asian character in one of Preston's stories. (Caution: This page includes sexual descriptions.)

Wikipedia: John Preston. In Czech. A biography.


John Preston's Books Travel Through BookCrossing. (Some of the books listed here are by an English author of the same name.) BookCrossing is a quirky online community project whereby readers pass on books to other readers . . . sometimes by leaving the books in public places. The books have labels that direct new readers to the community's Website, where they're encouraged to post that they have received the books and to pass them on to others. Readers can post positive reviews and negative reviews.

The Knitting Circle: John Preston. A brief biography, a selected bibliography, and quotations about Preston. [The Knitting Circle]

The Preston Archive (skip down). Brief descriptions of Preston's personal papers and other belongings, as donated to Brown University by Preston before his death. The books he owned can be located in Brown's Josiah catalog by searching for "john preston" or "preston john". [Brown University]

References to John Preston at the glbtq Encyclopedia. Preston, John. AIDS Literature. Erotica and Pornography 1. Erotica and Pornography 2 (there are two separate references on this page). Literature: Humor. Sadomasochistic Literature.

References to John Preston in Fiction. Quotations from novels and short fiction. (Caution: This page includes references to sexuality.) [Topman]

Wikipedia: John Preston. An encyclopedia entry.

Wipipedia: John Preston. An encyclopedia entry focussing on Preston's leather writings and leather life.

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