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BANNERS (Tributes to IPSPT Day)

Mary Dell.
Leigh Dragoon.
John Scalzi.

CLOTHING (Tributes to IPSTP Day)

David Moles. Announcement at Making Light.
Café 2.


¶ L. Graf and D. A. Graf: Twilight Agency. Comics and written short fiction. Science fantasy. Announced at the creators' Website.

Excerpt from "XVII": "The United States Penitentiary at Leavenworth houses some of the most hardened and habitual criminals convicted by the federal government. Many inmates go in knowing they will only ever come out to be buried. The prison also serves as a convenient storage facility for men who may not have been convicted of a crime, but are too dangerous or embarrassing to to the government for them to roam free or assassinate. Like a character from a Dumas novel, these men are kept in solitary confinement, denied contact with other prisoners, and known even to most of the guards only by their number."

See also:

Nakama, A..
Shetterly, Will.



Hogarth, M. C. A..
Philosopher At Large, The.

GENERAL ART (Tributes to IPSPT Day)

Kirby Crow.

USERPICS (Tributes to IPSTP Day)

Emma Bull. (Blog.)
Tim Cooper. (Blog.)
Mrs Deedop. Announcement at artist's blog, with larger version.
Amanda Downum, based on the banner by John Scalzi. (Blog.)
Ann Leckie. (Source art. Blog.)
Laurie D. T. Mann. (Blog.)
Lisa Mantchev. (Website.)
Catherine Mintz, based on original art. (Blog.)
Analee Flower Horne. Announcement at Making Light.

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