Novel Samples

¶ Amanda Downum: The Drowning City. First three chapters of a novel. Also, short fiction. Announced at sfwa. See also: Userpic.

"The Mariah dropped anchor, and the crew bustled to prepare for the port authority's inspection; already a skiff rowed to meet them. The ship had made good time, light in the water, laden only with olive oil and wheat flour from the north.

"And northern spies. But those weren't recorded on the cargo manifest."

¶ Charles Emery: A Man and His Maniac: The Bunkie Story. First three chapters of a novel. Also, short stories and articles. Announcement at sfwa.

Summary: "A book about a dog and his man."

¶ Diana Pharaoh Francis: The Cipher – Chapter 2. Second chapter of a novel. Posts at sfwa. Announcement at ipstp.

"Despite the urgency of the siren and Wexler's orders, Lucy remained a moment to look into the spyglass."

¶ M. C. A. Hogarth: "The unedited beginning of the Calligrapher/Shame novel". Also, a serialized novel, short fiction, and art. Announcement at sfwa.

"Let me first put your hearts at ease by saying that I do not blame you for the unfortunate events that saw the House of Flowers remade."

Mindy Kalsky: Sorcery and the Single Girl: Chapter 1. First chapter of a romantic fantasy novel. Also, more novel samples. Announced at the author's blog.

Summary: "Witch or not, Jane Madison must deal with her insane work schedule, best-friend drama and romantic dry spell like everyone else.

"But now the exclusive Washington Coven wants Jane to join. This could be a dream come true for the magical misfit, or it could be the most humiliating experience of her life. Either way, the crap's gonna hit the cauldron because Jane is about to be tested in ways she's never imagined and, pass or fail, nothing will ever be the same."

¶ Kol-isha: NaNo Novel. Unfinished novel. Announcement at sfwa.

"I still dream about her.

"That sounds stupid I know. I bet it gets said all the time. Some girl ends up in their thoughts, and they tell people, 'Oh god, I'm still in love, even though she's gone.'"

¶ Jodi Lee: Prologue to Gabriel Fell. Sample chapter from a dark fiction novel. Announced at the author's blog.

"He puzzled over his reaction to her. This hadn't happened before – he came here to get away from his worries and constant bickering among his brothers. Certainly, he did not agree with the necklace she wore, and was uncomfortable with its meaning. As he was considering this, his attention was again caught by her presence; the sun dappling off the small, discreet yet undeniably viewable silver pentacle at her throat. Wrinkling his brow, he absent-mindedly toyed with his own chain and pendent, an equally discreet but obvious gold cross."

¶ Michele Lee: Corpse Blood. Sample  chapter from a dark urban fantasy novel. Announced at Wyrdsmiths. Announcement at author's blog.

"'Miss Hall, can you give us a statement?' a voice shouted.

"'Seeing as I just arrived I bet you know more than I do at the moment.' Raven smiled. It didn't quite reach her pale gray eyes. The press didn't notice. They couldn't see past the dark sunglasses perched on the bridge of her nose. Raven moved forward and the cameras and mini recorders moved away. Even with her high profile they gave her wider berth than they gave the other cops, even the ones in charge. Their tenacity faltered around her as if instead of just risking a slammed door or a few insults they were facing something genuinely dangerous."

¶ Catherine Mintz: How Do You Say "Goodbye". Sample from the novel The Beyal Translator. Announcement at sfwa. See also: Tribute to IPSTP Day. See also: Userpic.

"Pulling her feet awkwardly to one side, the conscript concentrated on not smelling, not hearing, not seeing, not feeling.  Safe, safe, she was safe.  No one would hurt her if she stayed silent and still."

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Allen, Kathryn.

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