Novellas and Novels

¶ Steven E. McDonald: The Janus Syndrome. Science fiction novel. Originally published by Bantam Books. Also, links to poetry recordings, music, and audio drama, and links to short fiction. Announcement at sfwa/ipstp.

"Area Fourteen loves handing me need-to-know assignments. Usually the stuff I didn't need to know was the crucial stuff. I did a lot of fast talking and even faster running."

¶ Dusk Peterson: The Breaking. Historical fantasy novella. Announcement at sfwa/ipstp/papersky.

"'Do you have any questions?' the Seeker asked. 'About the routine of the dungeon? The times you will be fed? The questions you will be asked? The instruments of torture I use?'"

¶ Charles Stross: Missile Gap. Alternate history novella. Originally published by Subterranean Press. Announcement at sfwa.

Summary: "It's 1976 again. Abba are on the charts, the Cold War is in full swing – and the Earth is flat. It's been flat ever since the eve of the Cuban war of 1962; and the constellations overhead are all wrong. Beyond the Boreal ocean, strange new continents loom above tropical seas, offering a new start to colonists like newly-weds Maddy and Bob, and the hope of further glory to explorers like ex-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin: but nobody knows why they exist, and outside the circle of exploration the universe is inexplicably warped."

¶ Edward Willett: Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star. Young adult science fiction novel. Originally published by Roussan Publishers. Announcement at SFWA.

Summary: "After a lifetime of sleeping in alleys and flop houses, Kit's musical talent is discovered, and he is remade into Andy Nebula.

"Well-fed, content with a warm bed and contract, Andy begins to wonder why every previous 'Sensation Single' star was a flash-in-the-pan. Little does he know that the answer lies with the off-world Hydras and their taste for music and flash, a drug forbidden to humans. And that he is their next fix."

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Shunn, William.

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