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¶ William Shunn: Inclination. Audio book of the novella, with accompanying text. Originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction. Announcement at ipstp.

"The Manual tells us that in the beginning the Builder decreed six fundamental Machines. These are his six aspects, and all we do we must do with the Six. We need no other machines.

"I believe this with all my heart. I do. And yet sometimes I seem to intuit the existence of a seventh Machine, hovering like a blasphemous ghost just beyond apprehension."

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Bull, Emma.
McDonald, Steven E..

VIDEOS (Tributes to IPSTP Day)

¶ Mur Lafferty and the Lulu vlog: The Line, Webisode 13. Science fiction video. Announcement by Emma Bull at sfwa. Announcement by Steve Eley at ipstp.

Summary by Emma Bull: "Word has come back from the future: IPST Day will change the world. has the feed from 2027."

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