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¶ Mari Adkins: I Feel . . . Poem. Also, two more poems. Announcement at sfwa.

"I feel my heart digging
its own grave"

¶ Emma Bull: Man of Action. Song lyrics. Also, planning to post more works in the coming week. Announcement at sfwa. See also: Userpic.

"My therapist had quite a lot to say
When I explained I was unmoved by chocolates and bouquets.
'What are you looking for in love,' she asked, 'that you can't find?'
I said, 'The smell of cordite would brighten up my day.'"

¶ Beverly A. Hale: Le Beau Chevalier sans Honour. Poetry. Announcement at the author's blog. Announcement at ipstp.

"Here I sit, with honor fled,
And some would say t'were better dead,
Than not to pray delivery
From life without its 'chivalry.'"

¶ Larry Hammer: The Myrmidons. Historical fantasy short story in verse. Originally published in The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age, edited by Harry Turtledove and Noreen Doyle (Tor Books). Announcement at sfwa.

"The plague came out of nowhere. No one knew
What god or goddess sent it, and the signs,
When not ambiguous, were all too few:
The oak leaves still, the livers whole and fine,
From left and right the birds flew in straight lines,
    And worst of all, the tea leaves all refused
    To form a pattern readers could have used."

¶ Jaime Lee Moyer: Twilight. Originally published in On Our Way to
Battle: Poetry From the Trenches, edited by Samantha Henderson (Carnifax Press). Also, another poem and short fiction. Announcement at sfwa.

"Our eyes meet in silent farewell,
Your weary smile mine alone
Before you fade into the whirl
Of jars and spices on the shelf."

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