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Pronunciation Guide to Proper Names in the Great Peninsula ¶ By Dusk Peterson

Pronunciation of the proper names in Chronicles of the Great Peninsula doesn't matter a great deal, but for readers who are interested, below is the pronunciation of the names of the countries and of the title for Emor's ruler.

In the list below, "eh" represents the E sound in bed. "Ah" represents the A sound in chart. "Uh" represents the U sound in hut. You can also listen to the audio file of the pronunciation guide, which is in MP3 format and is 76 KB in size. The audio file uses Microsoft's computer speech to represent the words. (The natural result of this is that the file makes it sound as though everyone in the Three Lands has an American accent.)

Arpesh: AHR-pehsh.

Arpeshian: ahr-PEHSH-ee-uhn.

Chara: CHAHR-uh (first syllable pronounced as in charcoal).

Daxis: DAX-is (rhymes with axis).

Daxion: DAX-ee-awn (last syllable pronounced like the word on).

Emor: EH-more.

Emorian: eh-MORE-ee-uhn.

Koretia: ko-REE-shuh.

Koretian: ko-REE-shuhn.

Marcadia: mahr-KAY-dee-uh (rhymes with Arcadia).

Marcadian: marh-KAY-dee-uhn.

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