Beta Readers (Editors, Editorial Assistants, Proofreaders, and Technical Consultants) for Dusk Peterson's Stories

Credits are also given at the end of each e-book or online story. Updated June 2014.

Parental supervision is strongly suggested for the links below.

Blue, Anne (The Balance, Debt Price, and Whipster).

Bond, Katharine (Blood Vow, Night Shadow, Noble, and Law of Vengeance).

CJ (The Balance).

denis S (Edgeplay in Mayhill).

Derwydd, Kay (Rebirth).

Doug (Master and Servant).

Emily (Master and Servant).

Frontain, K. M. (Bard of Pain, Mystery, and Rebirth).

Gayle, A. B. (Law of Vengeance).

Haberman, Hardy (Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers).

Hart, Remy (Hell's Messenger, Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers, Mercy's Prisoner, Pleasure, Puppets, Rebirth, and Whipster ).

Hope of Dawn (Noble, On Guard, Pleasure, and Law of Vengeance).

Ingress, Kylara (Noble and Rebirth).

Isha (Blood Vow, Noble, and Rebirth).

James, Briony (Whipster).

Jen (Law of Vengeance).

JW (Transformation and On Guard).

Kadymae (The Balance, Hell's Messenger, Mercy's Prisoner, and Transformation).

Kenovay (Whipster).

Livingston, Kathleen (Blood Vow, Law Links, and Law of Vengeance).

Liz (Rebirth).

London, Clare (Rebirth).

Luloff, Ashley (Rebirth).

Lycaon, Maureen (The Balance, Bard of Pain, Blood Vow, Edgeplay in Mayhill, First Lesson, Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers, and Transformation).

Lyn (Blood Vow).

McCollum, Elizabeth (Rebirth, On Guard, and Whipster).

Nick (Law of Vengeance).

Noakes, Jo/e (The Balance, Hell's Messenger, Law Links, Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers, Master and Servant, On Guard, Pleasure, Rebirth, The Unanswered Question, and all stories from 2012 onwards).

Parhelion (Blood Vow, Edgeplay in Mayhill, Law Links, Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers, Night Shadow, On Guard, Pleasure, Re-creation, Transformation, and Whipster).

Puerasch, Nigel (Blood Vow and Whipster).

Roberta, Jean (Edgeplay in Mayhill).

Rose Red (On Guard).

Ryellin (Noble).

Shaw, Tracy (The Balance, Blood Vow, Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers, and Rebirth).

Spenadel, Sara (Rebirth).

Spiralred (Master and Servant).

stein, david (Edgeplay in Mayhill).

Stevie (Noble).

Suza (Blood Vow).

Tang, Juxian (Debt Price).

Theresa (Blood Vow, Noble, and Whipster).

Yingtai (numerous titles).

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