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* Boyhood (Medfield, Massachusetts, 1945-1963)

* History Student and College Graduate (Chicago and Boston, 1963-1969)

* Christian Activist and Health Consultant (Minneapolis, 1969-1973)

> Background: Gay Life in Minneapolis During This Period

* Sex Education Editor (Philadelphia and New York City, 1974)

* News Editor and Hustler (Los Angeles and San Francisco, 1975-1978?)

* Erotica Editor, Author, and Photographer (New York City, 1978?-1979)

> Background: John Preston vs. Canada Customs

* Regional Journalist (Portland, Maine, 1979-1984)

* AIDS Activist (1985-1989)

* Anthologist (Portland, 1990-1994)

* Death and Obituaries (Portland and Around the World, April 28, 1994)

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