This site links to online resources on published science fiction and fantasy literature (known collectively as speculative fiction) with themes related to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people. Some horror fiction sites are also included.

This directory is maintained by Dusk Peterson, who writes gay fantasy, historical fantasy, and science fiction.

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Gaylactic Spectrum Awards. Honors "works in science fiction, fantasy and horror which include positive explorations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters, themes, or issues."

The James Tiptree, Jr. Award. "An annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender."

Lambda Literary Awards and Nominees. A GLBT literature award. Specifically, this page lists the titles in fantasy and science fiction.

Queer Horror Awards. Honors "works that involve significant, and generally positive, portrayal of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender characters, issues or themes within the area of horror."


Publishers. From GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources.

Publishers and Venues for Publication. From Includes a number of publishers of speculative fiction.


Story E-zines are listed on a separate page.

Journals, Newsletters, and Zines. From Includes gay and lesbian zines, many of which are related to speculative fiction.

'Zines. From Queer Horror. Zines that publish GLBT horror content.


The Alternate Universe. Based in New York City.

Gay & Lesbian Reading Group. Based in New York City. The site includes speculative fiction resources.

Gaylactic Network. American reading clubs for GLBT science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Great Lakes Gaylaxians. A Midwest group.

Lambda Sci-Fi. Based in Washington, D.C. The site includes extensive book reviews and recommended reading.

Long Island Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction Fandom. Based in New York.

North Country Gaylaxians. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Outworlders. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Planet LAmbda. Based in Los Angeles.

The Queer Continuum. Based in Toronto.

Spaced Out. Based in Melbourne. The site includes back issues of the group's magazine.


Alternative Sexualities in Science Fiction and Fantasy List. A widely circulated list.

AltPunk. A brief commentary on the difficulty of locating GLBT speculative fiction, along with a few annotated resources (most of them linked from this site). Listmania. A number of the lists are related to GLBT speculative fiction. See especially Favorite Gay-themed Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Gay Fiction with Appeal for Female Readers, and the other lists linked at the right of the above pages.

Bisexual Science Fiction and Fantasy Books. From Bi The Way.

Exploring Alternatives: Alternative Sexuality in Science Fiction and Fantasy. An article by Wendy Darling in scifidimensions, with book recommendations. Feminist Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Utopia. Includes extensive GLBT resources.

Gay Science Fiction. A basic encyclopedia entry from Wikipedia, with links to entries on a select number of authors.

GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources. Book reviews, recommended reading, and other resources, including a helpful news archive.

glbtq: Science Fiction and Fantasy and glbtq: Ghost and Horror Fiction. Articles in the online encyclopedia.

Homosexuality and Bisexuality in Science Fiction. A bibliography.

M/M Literary Rec List. Mainly speculative fiction.

On Gay Science Fiction & Fantasy. A discussion on the gaybombay e-mail list, with recommendations.

Queer Horror. Resources for GLBT horror stories.

Queer Worlds. Queer science fiction and fantasy resources. Includes book reviews and a reading list. The reading list has a particularly useful code system indicating such facts as whether any of the book's supporting characters are queer.

RainbowSauce: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Book Titles. Includes sections on science fiction and fantasy in Lesbian Fiction, Gay Fiction, and GLBT Fiction.

Recommendations for Professional Slashy Novels: Fantasy. Male/male themes.

Schwuler Held gewünscht? Homosexualität in Fantasy-Romanen. A German-language page on homosexuality in fantasy novels, with some author links. [Bibliotheka Phantastika]

Science Fiction for Lesbians. Recommendations list.

Shergood Forest: Gay Fiction - Sci Fi and Fantasy. Recommendations list.

The Slash Novel Review Site. Male/male themes. Includes a number of speculative fiction titles, but the only way to find them is by clicking on the title links.

Slashy Pro Novels. Male/male themes. Mainly speculative fiction.

Some Slashy Books That Leap to Mind. Male/male themes. Mainly speculative fiction.

Wavelengths Online. Book reviews of GLBT science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Yaoi and Slash Fiction in English. Professional male/male novels. Mainly genre fiction.

This site's sections on Reading Groups and Story E-zines also list Websites that contain resources such as recommendations lists.


Aslan's Kin: Interfaith Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Gay and Lesbian Books in Alternative Formats: A Web Directory.

Historical Fantasy: Links for Readers of Historical Fiction and Fantasy.

Homoerotic Historical Fiction Links.

Information on Original Fiction in the Fan Fiction Communities. Includes information on homoerotic science fiction and fantasy.

The Literature and History of Friendship, Romance, and Sexuality. Includes information on gay history.

Online Resources for Blind and Partially Sighted Readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Includes links to e-texts and online audio.


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