The Literature and History of Friendship, Romantic Friendship, Romance, and Sexuality ¶ By Dusk Peterson

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Literature and History

Booktrailer Links. A Web directory devoted to booktrailers, short films that promote books. Romance novels are particularly likely to be advertised through book videos.

Buried Treasure: Recommendations of Online Male Homoerotic Stories and Male Friendship Stories.

Gay and Lesbian Books in Alternative Formats. Lists sites with GLBT books in audio format, large print, electronic text, and braille.

GLBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature: A Web Directory.

Homoerotic Historical Fiction Links.

Homosexuality in Victorian and Edwardian Times. A bibliography of printed and online resources. Part of a larger bibliography, "Masculinity, Crime, and Everyday Life in Victorian and Edwardian Times."

Links on the History of Friendship, Romantic Friendship, Romance, and Sexuality.

Male Romantic Friendships in Historical Photography and Literature. See also Essays, below.

Private Parlor: Online Male Homoerotic Fiction Recommendations by Guest Reviewers.

Sites on the History and Literature of Western Hierarchical Relationships. Focusses on relationships between people of different status or rank. Relationships based on platonic feelings and relationships based on sexual attraction are both discussed at this site.

The Slash Skinny: Publishing News and Market Report on Original Slash. Information on a genre of professionally published literature and art featuring male/male and female/female attraction.

Topman: Online Writings by and about John Preston. Provides a documentary biography of a noted gay author from New England, and collects links to online writings by and about him.

True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power. Fiction, nonfiction, and links. (Off-site link.)

What is Homoerotic Fiction? A brief essay.

What is Original Gen, Original Het, and Original Slash? A brief essay.

Faith Beliefs

Communities of Faith & Homosexuality. A somewhat dated list of links on the attitude of world religions toward homosexuality. The list is housed at Bridges Across the Divide, which is maintained by another Webmaster. That site "provides models and resources for building respectful relationships among those who disagree about moral issues surrounding homosexuality, bisexuality and gender variance." (Off-site link.)

Greenbelt Interfaith News: Gender, Homosexuality, and Sexuality. Articles that deal with the topic of faith beliefs on gender and sexuality.

Related Sites at This Domain

Essays by Dusk Peterson. Essays are divided by topic. Among the topics listed: Gay History, History of Friendship and Romantic Friendship, and Leather History.

Fiction by Dusk Peterson. Fantasy and historical fantasy tales on friendship and romantic desire (mainly male/male) and contemporary gay leather fiction.

Information on Original Fiction in the Fan Fiction Communities. Includes information on homoerotic fiction.

Leather Fiction, History, and Magazines. Sites at this domain that deal with those topics. Includes a number of sites on leather history and leather literature.

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